Life should be about enjoying yourself. Sure, there’s work and other responsibilities that we all need to attend to, but its the moments in our downtime that make everything else worthwhile. You can’t bottle the feeling you get when you are sitting around laughing and joking with your friends or loved ones, but if you could, you’d be filthy rich.

And an outdoor gathering centered around a barbecue grill is the perfect place to get that feeling. But if you’re relatively new to grilling, you may be sans grill, which isn’t a great place to be if you want to host a BBQ. So, let’s learn about what to look for when buying a barbecue grill.

What’s Your Budget?

Grills come in many sizes, shapes and prices. Some are on the affordable side of things, while others come jam-packed with features and with a price tag to match.

At the end of the day you are using this to cook on, so if you’re on a budget don’t stress – an entry-level grill will do the job fine for what it is. If you have a bit extra to spend, then you might want to look at a fancier option. Moreover, Grill Ace can also be a great help with the reviews of the best grills.

Ultimately you’ll know how much you can afford, and you can always consider payment plans, buy now pay later services, and interest-free credit deals if you want something more expensive but can’t afford it outright.

Will It Suit Your Space?

You’ll also need to consider your outdoor space and how the grill is going to suit it, or even fit it. For example, if you only have a small courtyard or alfresco area, then a giant grill is probably overkill. If you have a larger space, then a larger unit would make sense. So, assess your space and choose accordingly.

How Many People are You Cooking For?

This will inform if you get a two-burner, four-burner or a larger model. If you have relatively small gatherings of two to four people, then a two-burner model is a good bet. If you tend to cook for more people frequently, then you might look at a four or more burner BBQ grill. You want to be able to cook enough food in enough time to get it on the table so people don’t get hungry and impatient.

Pick Your Fuel Source

There are a few different varieties of fuel sources available for grills. This is what will power your grill or provide the heat to cook with. There are charcoal, gas, electric, pellet and even infrared models on the market.

There are pros and cons to each sort, so it’s worth reading up a bit about the differences between them. A gas grill is probably the most common and straightforward sort and may be suitable if you’re new to grilling and want to learn the ropes.

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What’s Cooking?

Finally, what’s on the menu will also depend on your choice of grill. If you are looking at grilling meat cuts, then a basic BBQ will do. But if you want to bake, roast or smoke your food, you’ll need something that can do these tasks.

A Charcoal Conclusion

This guide should be useful to help you to pick a grill. First, assess your budget. Next, look at your space and choose accordingly. The number of people you’re catering for will play into your decision, as will the fuel source you want to use. Finally, the style of cooking you want to do will also factor into your choice – do you want to grill, or will you smoke, bake and roast as well?

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