Revamping Your Bedroom?

The most important room in your house: your bedroom. You’ll spend most time there; after all, you sleep in it. You want it to look it’s best, and be good for sleeping in. How do you make it look nice and big without actually making it any bigger? Surprisingly the answer comes through simplicity.

Using Color

Dark paint on the walls makes a room look and feel smaller. Whereas using bright and neutral colors will make your room look bigger. White is always a great color for this. Also, cool colors are good for sleep. If you aren’t happy with white, you can try light blues, greens or lavender. Keep your paint plans simple and light to keep your room bright.


Your bedding can do a number of things to change the whole room. Instead of painting a wall differently than the rest, you can make your bed the accent color. Extra pillows will give the room a cozy feel. When shopping for bedding never sacrifice for looks, don’t forget your needs to be good for sleeping first! Bedding isn’t the only thing important for a good night’s sleep when it comes to your bed. Mattresses make all the difference. Sleeping on an old or broken mattress can be very detrimental. Make sure your mattress is up to date.


However, maybe you like a bit more color or texture on your walls, then your answer is an accent wall. Maybe your accent wall is just a complementary color. If this is the case, remember to still keep it light! Maybe you’d rather have textures on your walls. Painting doesn’t really give you this, so maybe on your 4th wall put up some wallpaper. This can give your walls texture, and can still keep the room feeling bright and open.

Natural Light

Speaking of bright rooms, the best way to make a room feel more open is natural lighting. However, this isn’t really something you can necessarily change without tearing out a wall for another window. However, getting good blinds or curtains for your window can make a difference in the amount of natural light that comes in. The simpler the better when it comes to these. Wood blinds or simple drapes are ideal, and won’t distract from the rest of the room.

Natural Elements

When you are looking for wooden blinds, you may want to consider putting more natural elements in. Putting lots of wood in your bedroom gives it a warm, but sophisticated look.


Ridding the bedroom of knickknacks and clutter will simplify your room and make it sleeker. Not only that but reducing clutter and making a simpler space will help you sleep better. Clutter can increase anxiety, making it harder to sleep. Keep everything out of your bedroom besides essentials. Storage should be kept elsewhere, as out of sight isn’t enough to keep it out of your mind.

Sleek Designs Will Completely Change Your Room For The Better

A sleek bedroom can not only make space feel bigger, but also help you get a good night of sleep. You want the most lived-in part of your house to feel welcoming, and look nice. Because simplicity is the way to go for good sleep and a good feel, a sleek design if perfect for this.

The Bed Itself

Making a sleek, stylish bed really changes the feel of the room. If you’re using wood as your natural element, make sure your bed matches. You can give your bed some personality with unique headboards too


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