So, you didn’t forget to pack the essentials – cars, keys, phone, and charger. That’s a great start, but what else do you need in your handbag to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible? Well, looking good and feeling good go hand in hand when you remember to include these seven items in your bag. Which ones have you been caught without?

1. Multipurpose moisturizer.

 So, you’re looking to make the most of the (admittedly ample) space in Balenciaga’s iconic City bag. Forget toting several lip balms, hand creams, and face moisturizers. Instead, maximize valuable handbag real estate by toting a tube of one all-purpose moisturizing balm – those by Elizabeth Arden or Glossier are good places to start.

2. Tissues.

 You never want to be without a travel pack of tissues. For impromptu crying sessions, runny noses, and public restrooms with no toilet paper, your handy personal tissues are there. They can also serve as blotting papers, as well as somewhere to jot down your phone number real quick. You never know!

3. Hair elastics/bobby pins.

 We never truly know what we’re getting into when we leave the house. One thing is for sure – we have no room for extra hair styling products and tools. Be sure to always have a few bobby pins and hair ties at the ready for on-the-fly updos.

4. Sanitizer.

 Even beyond cold and flu season, this is a no-brainer. Have you ever kept track of what you touch on an average day? Sifting through the racks at a secondhand store alone is a hotbed of germs – kill off a few with a small bottle of sanitizer.

5. Sanitary items.

Getting caught without menstruation supplies is the stuff nightmares are made of. Even if you don’t expect it, keep a few items on hand. After all, someone else may have forgotten theirs, and being ready to save the day is just good karma.

6. Mints, gum, or candy.

 Don’t have room for an extra bottle of water? On top of ensuring good breath (good breath is such an underrated beauty tip), a box of mints or pack of gum can help you out when your mouth is feeling a little dry. And hey, offering someone a stick of gum is always a great way to break the ice.

 7. A statement lipstick.

Feeling a little run down? Was the day unkind to your face? Pick yourself right back up with a single lipstick in a flattering – and possibly even bold – shade. No matter how much of your makeup has packed up and left for the day, this can instantly revive your face and make you look put together. It’s also a simple way to go from day to evening.

What’s in your bag? Have you defiled your current daily tote with crumbs, old receipts, and grimy bits of loose change? Now is the time to clean it all out and start fresh with the daily items you can’t be without. From practical mainstays like tissues and sanitizers to the instant satisfaction we get from moisturizer and lipstick, pack your purse sensibly with space-saving tools you can use.

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