Because of a video about transgender people, Musk raises controversy again

Elon Musk has caused controversy again, this time due to an incident related to transgender people.

The controversy started when Twitter, owned by the person in question, blocked a 95-minute clip from the “Daily Wire” website. This website was perceived by activists in the “LGBT community” as being hostile towards transgender individuals.

According to the CEO of the site, Jeremy Boring, Twitter not only blocked the video called “What is a woman?” but also terminated the site’s agreement with the platform due to a violation of the “misgendering” rule.

According to NBC, Twitter had implemented a ban on this practice in 2018. However, the current administration, under Musk’s leadership, quietly reversed the ban.

In response to the CEO’s tweet to Daily Wire, Musk stated that although he himself uses individuals’ preferred pronouns, the platform permits addressing the wrong gender and that whether or not one agrees to use someone’s preferred pronouns is inconsequential as it does not violate any laws.

According to Musk, Twitter employees made a mistake by blocking the video.

The decision to ban the video has been criticized by organizations supporting transgender rights. They believe that the ban could lead to increased bullying of transgender individuals.


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