You see numerous tweets on twitter containing hashtags and other stuff. A small or legit statement tweeted on twitter goes viral in no time and a great number of subscribers react to that statement by giving feedbacks. For instance, a tweet of a powerful stakeholder or opinion leader creates huge influence, positive or negative. This is the power of social media. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter has more recognition, as this platform is ideal to convey the messages steadily. Another reason why it is so popular is that it is widely used by officials and authorities, who talk to the people and express their thoughts by tweeting. Such tweets create a huge influence on a large number of audience by helping them in decision making.

Such a great online forum can also be used to make money! It is the same as you have a blog, you promote advertisements and paid content to attract subscribers and make money. Here are a few programs you can use at Twitter to earn a profit.

Get sponsored!

Sponsored tweets is a renowned service which provides ads for twitter. You can set your own price per click for the ads you tweet about. You are allowed to choose ads for your tweets from a long listed of ads that this service provides you. To get this service, you must have at least 50 followers. There is an excellent solution for your fan number as you can always use paid services and buy quality Twitter followers to make things go much better. Apart from this, you must have a twitter account that you have been using for at least a month. You must also have over 100 tweets in your account. If you need followers, then check out avoir des abonnés twitter. The service is available in French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German.


Apart from sponsored tweets, MyLikes is another one of the widely used programs that people, especially digital marketers use. This program can also be used on Tumblr, youtube, and blog. myLikes will enable you to get as much as $0.2 per click and you can get your money on a weekly basis. You are opting to select ads from the choices and make a time schedule about till how much time that advertisement will be tweeted or existed from your profile. is also an advertisement program. You can make a profile as per your interest and let the advertisers choose your profile to start their public campaign. You can make a schedule about your timely tweets and get paid.

Rev Twt

Rev Twt is another advertising service that is hosted on Twitter. Here you get paid-per-click. You will have more access to more paid campaigns if you have more and more followers. Your reputation depends on the number of followers and subscribers you have and this increases when you increase your subscribers. Payment method for this service is Paypal.


You can select your own cost-per-click at twittad. However, it may take some time for the advertisers to accept your selection. Here, you can select your appropriate niche that can be compatible with the advertisement products. Payment method for Twittad is Paypal. Learn more about TweetAd here.

There are few examples of the programs that are being used by the marketers and influencers to gain profit. If you want to get started, just make a profile and keep active by adding subscribers and tweets.