Already fed up with the old same bedroom design over and over again? Want to go outside the box route? The bedroom is our perfect sanctuary and private space. We have all the right to do whatever we want in our bedroom.  Refurbishing or giving your bedroom a new look and appeal is worth it. Aside from enhancing the look of the bedroom or altering your bed, it also allows you to increase the value of your bedroom setting.

Why do you need a bedroom design idea?  This can help you to determine the idea or have some inspiration you would like your bedroom to look like.  Having these design ideas will give you the right theme, design, design, or color that will work best for your room.  Keep in mind that we spend most of our lives in our bedrooms, so it is just right that we got what we deserve – a cozy bedroom.

Here are some of the coolest decor idea for your bedroom:

Modern Bedroom

Fresh and modern bedroom style is perhaps the most well-known style these days. These bedroom settings can provide your room with a fresh and exciting vibe. It is not difficult to achieve this look as it is basically coupled with contemporary style that is trendy. 

These contemporary bedroom ideas are truly inviting especially if it has the right elements such as warm wood furniture, soft textures, and vibrant color pellets. Modern design is known to provide that right feeling that everyone is looking for.  Expect an airy and bright feeling of this contemporary bedroom setting. You can use your creativity as you select the right type of furnishings and fixtures that match harmoniously. 

Looking for the latest design of beds or bedroom furniture? Universal Furniture is a brand with excellent collections for the bedroom with a modern look.

White Bedroom

Don’t want that vibrant bedroom design and ideas? Fresh white is definitely the best for you.  This is ideal if you want to have a sleeping sanctuary that is cool, fresh, and calm. A white bedroom is perfect for any weather, it can cool warm weather and can provide warmth during the colder season.  This is incredible if you don’t want a change of bedroom decor and style because white is very versatile.

Aside from the serenity and peacefulness that you can get if you have a white bedroom, it has a calming and relaxing effect to anyone who sleeps in a white bed.  On the downside, white is prone to dirt and smudges, which will require you to clean and maintain the bedroom on a regular basis.

Blue Bedroom

Blue is perhaps the coolest color on earth as it represents the color of our heavenly sky and calming ocean. If you love these elements then a blue bedroom is certainly the best option for your needs. It’s the soothing and calming effect on senses is what makes blue one of the most wanted colors for bedrooms.

One particular characteristic of blue that makes it a stand-out bedroom design idea is for being versatile and compatible with any color, theme, and style.  This means that you can never go wrong if you select blue as they can go well with any color combination such as sky blue and green, brown and blue, purple and blue, and etc.

Don’t forget to purchase bedroom furniture,  bed accents, curtains, bed accessories, and rugs that will effectively alter the dull and boring old bedroom you have.  This is an incredible idea if you are always looking forward to a soothing bedroom that can give you that cool feeling.

Scandinavian Bedroom

Elegant and laidback are the words that best describe Scandinavian bedroom inspiration. Natural materials and muted color palettes are the main qualities that you can find in Scandinavian inspired bedrooms.  Primarily, these design ideas are perfect during the cold winter season.

To achieve this magnificent bedroom design, you need to  remember the following pointers:

  • Select a neutral bedroom color scheme.
  • Scandinavian rustic bedroom wallpaper to accent your walls.
  • Investing with good reflective surfaces to make the room look brighter.
  • Create a character by installing wall paneling.
  • Learn the art of mixing soft furnishings together.
  • Go with Scandi bedroom and bed accessories.
  • Accompany it with white paint.

Scandinavian bedroom design is cool and perfect inspiration if you want to feel the best comfort and rest you want. Your master bedroom will never be the same again with this kind of design idea. It is a matter of choosing the best elements of colors. fabrics and furniture then combine them for them to have this Scandi bedroom.

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Brown and White Bedroom

Another cool and sophisticated bedroom design idea is by combining brown and white. Incorporating these colors as your inspiration can sprout endless ideas such as all brown walling with white borders, white bed and bedding, a fancy rug, and a small chandelier.

The result? A magnificent chocolate brown and creamy white bedroom that is truly glamorous and chic. If you consider this design idea, you may need to consider adding bedroom furnishings that are either brown or white to complete the overall look and feel you want to pull off.

Disney Inspired Bedroom

It may sound peculiar as we always knew that only kids adore Disney animated characters, but what about the ones who are young at heart? The good news is there’s no law that says only children can have a Disney-inspired bedroom.  This is where you can input your creativity and imagination just like how these animated characters are created and were given a life.

From Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Cars, Frozen to the Lion King, The ideas are actually endless. You just have to select which design or theme you love the most.  You can install cool Disney wallpaper, lively Disney bed linens and fabrics, rugs, and even curtains. Additionally, it is also an incredible bedroom idea if you are unsure of how to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom

For partners and couples, intimacy should always be there even through the years. it is one of the secret ingredients to keep the fire burning. If you want your master bedroom to be more romantic then you need to add some elements that can ignite this feeling.

A dark wood hardwood flooring with a trendy rug or carpet is the perfect bedroom ideas that add that exciting and spacious space for lovers.  Scented candles are also an incredible accessory for the master bedroom if you want both of you to feel more relaxed,  sexy, and happy.

Adding a vase of flowers or some indoor plants is also great bedroom ideas to ensure that the room will look more terrific and inviting. Not to mention, the advantages of these plants to our health as they can filter and improve the oxygen and can take away the toxins living in your room.

Perfect Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in any room. If you want your master bedroom to look more exquisite then choosing the right lighting fixture is important. No matter what type of design your bed or space has, you need to have the proper lighting,

No one wants to have a dark bedroom when reading a book, doing some homework, or simply dressing up. Your master bedroom should have the right amount of lighting to highlight the bed, furniture, and other elements of the room. You may need to install a chandelier with hanging lights to create that beautiful atmosphere.

Save Space with Built-In Storage

One reason that makes a master bedroom small even though it has the right size is the storage area. Most of the time the floor area isn’t utilized properly like the setting of the bedroom or how the idea of a bedroom is not appropriate. It would be best to incorporate built-in storage within the bed area but if your space doesn’t permit this then you can always buy bookcases or a chest that is right for the bedroom.  You can also buy storage beds as well to have space for your things. Don’t forget to have a bedside table as well.

With these ideal bedroom ideas for the small bedroom, you can actually maximize the space. You don’t have to sacrifice the space you need as there are ways on how these things can be solved. You just need to have the right furniture for your room.  In conclusion, bedroom ideas are what you need to have that inspiration you are looking for. Giving your bedroom a new look is not easy. There are a lot of aspects and factors that you have to consider. But it is feasible especially if you have the inspiration you need. Hopefully, this article has given you the input and inspiration that you needed if you are having a hard time deciding which design or decor ideas you can adapt.


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