Beginner Guide for Selling a Product on eBay


So, you want to know How to sell on ebay? eBay is a good place to experience the business as well as make money. If you have a product to sell, you don’t have to hesitate. Just go to this website and start your business. However, just like we mentioned, it will be difficult for a beginner who knows nothing about how to do that on eBay. For that reason, we made this guide for you.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is creating an eBay account. The process is pretty much easy to do. Just go to the eBay website, and click the Sign In button. Follow the simple instruction on the newly opened page. Do not forget to choose the correct payment method. You will use it to receive the payment from the buyer of your products.

The payment methods are different between each country. However, in the United States, you can choose to use the PayPal or credit card merchant. We believe this payment method is also the best choice for other countries because this is the general method used for the online transaction in the world. Now, you have finished and are ready to sell!

Build Your Reputation

Wait a minute! Before you start selling your product, we recommend you to build your reputation as eBay users. eBay’s vision is creating a safe marketplace where everyone can sell and buy. They also encourage its user to give feedback to each other products. You should do this as well. How? The easiest method is by buying other seller products and leaves some reviews or comments.

You don’t have to buy a large and expensive product. Find a small product that you need or want. Buy those products, and leave the feedback based on your experience. It increases your reputation as a user, which makes it easier to notice later when you sell your product. 

Selling Your Product 

You can sell items on eBay by creating a listing. The buyer will find all products that you want to sell in it. And, from there, they can buy the product they want.

When you create a listing, do not forget to add detailed information about the product you are selling. It helps the buyers to know what kind of products they will get. It is also one of the methods to compare and find the products that they want.

Speaking about the product information, you need to, at least, include the clear/high-definition photo/s of your product. It is much better if you add multiple photos from a different angle. It will display your product condition.

Add the product description is also necessary. Add a description without sugarcoating it. If you do that, and people find out that your product doesn’t match the description, you will lose your reputation on eBay. It gives you more problems to get it back for promoting your products.

You can’t sugarcoat your product description, but you can emphasize its plus point. You have to do it to promote your product and make people attracted to it. If you have difficulty making this promoting description, you can always ask a professional writer to do that for you. There are many of them, and mostly, they offer their service at affordable prices.

Once you created the listing, you can post it on eBay and wait for the buyer to buy it. On the other hand, you also can actively promote it on social media or other platforms.

Research on the Competitor

For the first-timer, maybe, you don’t need it if you only seek for experiences. However, if you are serious about making money through eBay, you may need to do some research on the market and competitors in the same field. You can use the manual method, such as searching the hottest searched items or keywords. You also can ask help from professionals to get more detailed and accurate data you can use for your business.

Selling an item on eBay is practically easy to do. So, we hope our guide will be a useful reference for you. Now, you already know How to sell on ebay and are ready to make money.

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