Even though you can always buy an already made outdoor shed, it usually isn’t always as good as the one you can build by yourself. If you’re a DIY person, you can build your shed to fit your space and even make one with better quality than off-the-rack ones. If you haven’t experienced building a shed, this guide will show you how you can go about it.

One of the benefits of building your shed is that you save money, especially on the cost of installing the shed. You also have more control over how you want the design to be.

How do you get started with building your shed in Perth? Here are some tips to help you as a beginner.

Choosing  Your Materials

Before you embark on any project, especially one you know nothing about, you do some research. When making sheds, you need to know what materials that will fit your needs. You will have some tough decisions along the way, but your research will help you through the difficult parts of building your shed.

Building Wood Sheds

You are not limited to the use of wood for your shed. There are many materials for this purpose, but wood is the popular choice. The different building materials each have their unique properties, which will help you decide which one to choose. If you are using wood, you can paint it with a color of your choice to blend with your décor.

Why most people prefer to use wood is because it is easy to customize. Wood is a long-lasting material, and you can even hang shelves or cabinets for storage. However, the challenge with wood is that it is not impenetrable. It can be damaged by heavy rain and insects. The wood will rot eventually and fall into pieces. It is also challenging to maintain the wood, and it will need constant repainting to look attractive. 

Building A Metal Shed

People also use metal to make sheds, and it is next to the wood. It is getting increasingly popular because the metal is durable. It doesn’t come with the problems of wood and won’t rot either. You can use it in bad weather, and pests won’t attack the metal, but you will have to deal with corrosion. You can’t customize metal or attach shelves or cabinets as you would do for wood. However, you can make paint the metal with any color of your choice. 

Building with Resin

If you don’t like wood or metal, you can also opt for resin sheds. This plastic material won’t rot or rust. Resin sheds don’t need painting, and it costs very little to maintain. It is durable, and you can easily clean it. Water and soap will have it clean and looking beautiful. Plastic is easy to assemble, and you can always detach it to move it around, especially if you are moving to a new home.

Constructing Process

When building a shed, you will need to start with the foundation. There are many designs, and you can do some research to find out what you like to build. If you have the space and materials for a more extravagant structure, these Gambrel 2-story shed plans are a good place to start.  You will learn how to build the floor with concrete slabs for durability. The base should be sturdy enough to hold the other parts of the shelf. After the flooring is done, you can then proceed to move to build the walls and roof of your shed. 


Finally, after building your shed, you can add other things like windows, a closet, workbench, or shelves to your construction. You should use your shed more often, and it would be a great place to enjoy the outdoors with your family.


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