A dirt bike is made for the rough terrain and muddy situations. However, these kinds of bikes need maintenance for the best services. Just like our health needs maintenance and proper care, you also need to make sure your dirt bike is taken care of so that it can give you the best service. Remember that you only need money to buy a dirt bike. However, maintaining it can cost more than money. So, what are some of the tips one can follow to take the best care of their bikes? We shall discuss this in this article. You can also visit tokyomods.com to learn more.

The quad bikes is one of popular models, suitable for young novices or experienced riders.  A high-performance quad that can take more power and speed from its four cylinder engine, it comes with  basic safety features – a physical kill switch, a dead-man switch, and this bike is easy to maintain, With quad bikes Melbourne riders can enjoy their ride!

Here is a beginner’s guide to maintaining their dirt bike.

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1.  Wash the dirt bike regularly

The dirt bike will need more than a dry wipe. Remember that the fact that dirt bikes have the word ‘dirt’ in them means they can get pretty dusty, muddy, and dirty. As such, they should not be let to remain dirty after a ride. A decent wash is necessary as a maintenance routine to keep the bike running and perfectly doing this. If dirt were to settle on the bike, this would attack the stickers and the paint. Dirt can also adversely affect the engine, the chain, or belt, and this would affect its mechanical functioning. You do not want this to happen.

2. Lube regularly

When you wash the dirt bike, it means water will splash around the chain and sprocket areas. You need to be cautious not to let the water go into these areas; but sometimes this is not possible. For this reason, you need to lube the bike after washing and drying it. You should apply chain lube and ignite the engine. Give it a small run while it is parked. This ensures that the lube will spread evenly across the sprocket and chain. Use a chain cleaner and again give the engine a little parked run to ensure the cleaner does its work.

3. Note chain tension

Your dirt bike chain is another component of the maintained routines that you should beware of. The chain of the dirt bike needs enough space for efficient and comfortable movement. For this purpose, you should check the tension of the chain to ensure it is not too tight or too loose. If the tension were too loose or tight, it would affect the performance of the bike. The health of the sprocket and the chain would go down.

4. Loose bolts should be tightened

After every ride with the dirt bike, some bolts may likely loosen. These should be tightened to ensure that the bike will run smoothly in the subsequent rides. The fact that this bike is made for the rough bumps and rough paths means that it undergoes lots of tension that could loosen the bolts. In essence, routine inspection of the bike should be carried out before and after a ride.

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5. Clean and replace the oil and air filters

After every ride or two, you need to replace the air and oil filters. You may choose to just clean these filters if they are still functional. If the dirt is too much, you may have to replace these two components for a more efficiently running dirt bike.

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