Car purchases are known to be expensive, so people prefer to save up tremendously before buying a new car. With its heavy prices, people are more likely to seek affordable options while still making the purchase worthwhile. Among many purchase options available around the market, buying a used car from car dealerships can be a pretty good, considerable option if you want to opt for a cheaper car but maximizing its functionality simultaneously.

Pre-owned car listings can be found anywhere. If you’re looking online, you can find one from this site. If you prefer shopping near your place, especially if you’re around Canandaigua, there are several Canandaigua car dealers present around your location.

Before looking for your new car, it’s better to know first the benefits of buying used cars from car dealers, which are:

Save More Money

Used cars are popular among purchase options because they’re generally cheaper than new cars on the market. When looking around car dealers, most used cars are usually sold 50% off of its original price that is perfect for people who want a new car but still easy on their pockets. All items are susceptible to wear and tear, and cars are no exception for that, so the more miles the car has traveled, expect that they will have lower prices compared to new cars which have only been driven for test drives.

With saving more money for your car purchase in the long run, you can use this money for other financial needs or use it to upgrade and repair your car. Most dealer options of brand new cars trick their customers into spending more with some useless extras and upgrades for the car, but you can have cheaper features with used cars and upgrade it with your own.

Less Depreciation Value

The market value of cars and vehicles decreases rapidly during its first few years of use, putting car owners at a disadvantage once they sell it in the market. If you’re going to buy these used cars, expect a huge price decrease because of the depreciation. Once you start driving it on your own, its depreciation value will slow down until it reaches up to 90% of depreciation value on its 10th year. A great tip is to choose among cars with four to five years of driving age as the rapid depreciation has already occurred.

Ensured Warranty and Certifications

Even though used cars have already undergone ownership, there’s still a left part from the original warranty of the car when originally purchased. However, you should be careful in buying used cars when it comes to their warranties. Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle thoroughly before considering to purchase it to see if you’re getting a damaged car. With or without warranty, these used cars have to undergo repair which some dealers present you with an extended manufacturer’s warranty, fortunately.

Less Depreciation Value

Buying from licensed car dealerships guarantee that their vehicles passed the quality inspection. Some cars have even been repaired and refurbished for your convenience. Moreover, these used cars have pre-owned certification as confirmed by the manufacturer or a third-party certifying authority.

More Room For Improvement

An expensive car with great features is a good purchase, but what if your current savings are exactly on the same price as a brand new car you’re eyeing right now? Once you do this brand new car purchase, you’ll have little to no savings at all left in your pocket, giving you a more difficult time in handling other car-related purchases such as insurance fees, registration fees, and necessary maintenance. With used cars, it’s not only about saving more money, but you have more room for improving your vehicle.

However, you can have additional features and accessories if you opt for a used car to increase its comfort and functionality. There are many cars in the market that become expensive because of their additional features, but you can ditch that. If you’re using a secondhand car, you can customize it as long as you want and add safety gadgets and accessories useful for your driving experience.


The manufacturing process and initial shipment of a brand new car produce a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide, reaching up to 25% of the overall carbon dioxide produced by a vehicle during its life. If you’re going to buy a used car rather than a brand new one, you can do a good cause for the environment so less carbon footprint will be produced.

However, make sure to limit yourself to used car models, since newer car models have less detrimental impacts on the environment. The technology incorporated into the new car makes and models ensure cost-efficiency and encourage more eco-friendly driving.


Thanks to saved costs, less depreciation, ensured warranty and certificates, more room for customization, and good cause for the environment, opting for used cars instead of new ones are a great option after all. With various advantages that buying used cars can offer, it’s no doubt that many people will consider shifting to a used car purchase, but you still need to exercise caution during the purchase because of many reasons. Despite these advantages, make sure that your purchase will be worthwhile since you’ll be using it for your daily endeavors.