Before knowing about the benefits of Custom Aluminium Extrusion Dies, one must understand what an Aluminium extrusion die is. It is a thick steel disk that has an opening, through which a malleable aluminum alloy passes. This procedure is carried out during the extrusion process. It is made sure that the opening in the die is similar to its cross-sectional profile, which is mentioned by the designer of the extrusion process. Custom Aluminum extrusion cost is not much when done from the right place.

The aluminum extrusion process is widely used for the production of various shapes. The most common shapes in use are angles, channels, and tubes. But if the extrusion process is good, you can design a wide range of shapes. This will prove to be beneficial in applications related to automotive, electronics, architecture, and in different industries. The dies are made using heat-treated H13 steel. This makes the steel strong and capable of tolerating high and intense pressure up to 15,000 tons. The dies have support tools with them to help deal with the intense pressure.

Types of Extrusion Dies:

There are 3 main types of extrusion dies. Each one of them has specific properties.

  • Solid Dies: These types of dies are used to produce shapes without voids or openings. Like, solid bars, angles, and channels. The shapes produced by these dies can be classified as:
  • Flatface dies
  • Pocket dies
  • Feeder dies
  • Hollow Dies: These dies are used when one needs shapes with more than one void. For example, a complex multi-void t-slot, or a simple rectangular tube. To make a hollow shape, a porthole die is generally used. These dies are made using two interlocking pieces, the mandrel, and the cap. The mandrel makes-up the internal structure of the shape and the cap forms the external characteristics of the shape.
  • Semi-hollow Dies: This type of die is similar to the Hollow dies. Except for one difference, and that is that the voids in it are partially enclosed. This forms a hybrid between the solid and hollow dies.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion Dies:

  • With the help of vertical and horizontal CNC mills, fine details can be incorporated to complete the aluminum extrusion process successfully.
  • Custom Aluminum extrusion cost is lesser than compared to other types of tools that are used in manufacturing.
  • The lead time is also less than other manufacturing processes.
  • If the Custom Aluminum extrusion cost is genuine and the aluminum dies are well-maintained, you won’t need to pay again for their repair or damage.
  • These aluminum extrusion dies are customized as per the need of the client.
  • No other customer can claim the aluminum extrusion die customized specially for one client.
  • The order is produced for a third party only when the customer gives written permission regarding it.
  • The maintenance, replacement, and repair cost is covered in advance, saving you all the overhead expenses.
  • The customer is provided with extra dies at zero Custom Aluminum extrusion cost.
  • The extra dies help the customer to use them in an urgent situation as a backup.
  • Multiple die vendors are provided to the clients.
  • The die vendors are built with great strength. The choice of vendor is done according to the customer’s tolerance, temper, and design.
  • Custom Aluminum extrusion dies are strong and light in weight.
  • Its material is a good conductor for heat and cold.
  • This material has an oxide film that occurs on its own. This oxide film adds to its finishing technique.
  • These custom aluminum extrusion dies are not magnetic. This helps them in becoming useful when using applications of high voltage.
  • These dies are safe for the environment as well. With their non-sparking property, it makes them a safe and secure option to use.
  • By using these dies, better quality products can be made without burning a hole in the pocket.
  • Some general applications of Custom Aluminum extrusion dies are, framing components, tracking, hinges, bolt slots, decorative design elements, tubing, screw points, and heat stinks, etc.

Aluminum extrusion profiles include finished components, parts, and pieces made when an extrusion machine forces molten material through the opening of a die. These were some of the few benefits of using Custom Aluminum extrusion dies.


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