Although summer is very close to being over, we still have to suffer through some painful heatwaves. It comes as no surprise that wearing a dress is perfect for such weather. The only question is the fabric of a dress. Which fabric is the best for a summer dress?

Linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber. It has been well respected and used for hundreds of years. We usually see linen in various home products, especially kitchen table linens and bedsheets. Linen clothes have been worn for a long time now, but never got as popular as some cheaper, but less durable alternatives. Just recently, much more linen clothes have found their way into the clothing industry. But what are the benefits of choosing linen for your dress?

As you might already now, linen fabric has many amazing qualities which make it an exceptional material for clothing. Since linen is getting more popularity, people fill their wardrobes with beautiful linen clothes which last them for years. Here are a few exceptionally good features which give linen an edge over other clothing materials and make it a perfect choice for a dress.

Great heat conductivity

In countries with a hot climate such as India, people are producing far greater amounts of linen products. Linen jackets, shirts, and pants are very common products because they offer amazing breathability and heat conductivity. Linen is very breathable by nature. Low thread count helps air to penetrate clothing and keep our body cool and comfortable. A linen dress is the most breathable piece of clothing you can find, so do not hesitate and get one for yourself!

A hypoallergenic fabric

Besides having great breathability, linen is phenomenal at absorbing and getting rid of moisture. Perspiration is our biggest enemy during the heatwaves, so what can be better than a fabric that can wick away moisture? This way you will stay much more comfortable, especially if you have skin allergies. Linen has amazing hypoallergenic abilities, which help to keep our body cool, dry, and protected various kinds of bacteria.


Linen is a very easy fabric to maintain, but there are a few things you must know if you want your linen dress to last you for many years to come. When washing linen, use cold water and an optimal whitener. Bleach is the biggest enemy of linen. Try to avoid it at all costs, so the fabric does not get weakened. Linen might seem like a rough fabric at first, but it gets much softer every time you wash it, without losing its initial strength.

Perfect for any weather

Although linen dresses are mostly worn during the summer, their breathability, durability and heat conductivity make them a perfect piece of clothing for all seasons. Even during winter, fabrics like wool can get you too hot and sweaty, while linen will release excess heat to keep your body temperature normal. Linen is made from a flax plant, which is known as a natural insulator, so it comes as no surprise that linen will keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

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