Is In-House Ineffective? 6 Benefits to Using a Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to digital marketing, it can be hard to know whether you are best placed to push that responsibility on a team member or whether an external agency is the way to go. The question is really about the effectiveness and efficiency of your day. A digital agency like Citypeak Marketing offers benefits in both areas, which makes achieving your business goals that much easier. You can review marketing packages to find the digital marketing service that best fits your needs. If you’re not sure which way to go, here are six benefits to using a digital marketing agency.

1. Niche expertise

If you are someone who is trying to balance a myriad of jobs, tasks and channels in your marketing funnel, it can be hard to become a true expert in any one field. One of the biggest benefits of a digital marketing agency is you can access niche expertise. The benefit of a digital marketing agency is that they operate with a specific skill mix that means your business will benefit from an individual who is an expert in their field and focuses 100% of their effort to the task at hand. Accessing this kind of niche expertise can be priceless to your business in so many ways.

2. On trend

One of the toughest challenges in digital marketing is keeping up to date on all of the latest digital changes and trends. From algorithms that affect rankings to creative hooks that penetrate audiences, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. Using a digital marketing agency means these trends, changes and industry developments are managed by one source. A digital marketing agency has to keep up to date on the latest algorithms or trends to survive. That means your campaigns will be up to date and driving the kinds of results you need.

3. Budget management

As a marketer, managing budgets against multiple channels can be exhausting. A big benefit of using a digital marketing agency is combining channels into one line item on your budget. Instead of having to itemise your budget against all of the social platforms and digital channels, you can manage a single budget line: your agency. The digital agency executes campaigns against a number of channels, while you balance and reconcile one expenditure.

4. Balanced point of view

It can be hard sometimes to look at your goals or ideas as an impartial observer, after all, they are probably your ideas. The benefit of using a digital marketing agency is that you allow yourself to receive balanced and unbiased points of view about all of your campaigns. Recommendations are based on performance as opposed to emotional responses. Being removed from the process, you allow the experience and expertise to shine through and your results to flourish as a result.

5. Latest tech

As an organisation, it can be hard to get access to all of the technology you need in the digital space. A digital marketing agency, however, has a genuine requirement for using all of the latest tech across all of their clients. The benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency means you have access to that technology without the fees or costs associated. That makes new campaigns or ideas that much easier to implement.

6. Control

As business fluctuates it can be tough to find the time to scale your campaigns up or down. One of the great benefits of using a digital marketing agency is scalability. Having access to a team of marketers means when things are either booming or a bit sluggish you can scale up or down with a simple phone call. Add to that the fact your agency can scale up in areas they know are performing and you can more reliably drive results when times are tough.


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