Beautiful photos remind us of the memories and events. Since the new year, the festive season is approaching, and you would like to know some of the best photo editing apps for 2020, which are compatible with Android and iPhone, then this is the right place for you.

Are you looking for the best android photo editor apps for 2020, but you don’t know what the best features to consider before you can pick your best photo editing app are? Then this post is for you to guide you on these features before you download your best photo apps for android free software.

Here are the best photo editor apps for iPhone and Android phones in 2020.

1.Adobe Photoshop Express.

Adobe Photoshop Express has a wide range of tools and photo effects by the touch of a screen. You can easily customize your photos with text and borders effects as well as enhancing your photo imagery and color, create collages, and make quick fixes that can entirely clear clipping path in your photos as well as improving your beautiful moment’s captions for free. The app offers maximum security for your photos and easy to understand and use in both iOS and Android phones. Users are not only lucky enough to have this app but also enjoy the best photo editing features.

Features that make the Adobe Photoshop Express the best Photoshop app?

1. Fix crooked images such as clipping paths on your photo instantly using the Auto settings

2. It comes with the user guidelines on how to resize an image in Photoshop for free.

3. Easily correct already distorted camera photo angles using the transform tools

4. Correctly reduce color noise or smoother out graininess thus creating crystal clear pictures

5. Sharpen your photos features details, thus making your photo look clear. For instance, you can blend out your photo backgrounds using the Radical Blur or shifting the focus of the picture to certain specific elements.

6. Create movements or enhance your photo imagery using the full Blur features.

7. Compatible with both the Android and iPhone phones

8. Download for free

2. Afterlight

Afterlight is not only a perfect image editing app but also straight forward and quick editing app. It has a unique and simple design paired with powerful snappy tools that ensure you get your desired photos within a second.

Features of Afterlight that make suitable for all types of photo editing tasks.

1. It has 15 Adjustment tools for enhancing your images positions

2. 66 textures

3. 59 Filters

4. Transforming and cropping tools that enables you to capture only the desired photo parts

5. You can add customized Frames to your photo

6. Download for iPhone for free

3. LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects.

Are you looking for an advanced photo editing app with easy to use picture editing tools? The LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects app is what you need. It has color mixing features, vignette effects, curves, and levels that can permanently remove the Clipping paths in your photo, thus makes the picture crystal clear. You can use as well as edit the picture Contrast, Exposure, Saturation, Highlights, and picture shadow effects. It also has a wide range of photo filters effects such as Retro, Drama, Vintage, Glow, among many others.

LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects Features.

1. Blur Photo Editor

2. Shape Manipulation

3. Merge photos

4. Photo Collage

5. Doodle and drawings

6. Photo Sticker

7. Add Text on photo

8. Photo and Cutout Background Changer

9. Standard Photo Editing

10. Color Splash Photo Special effects

4. PicsArt Photo Editor.

PicsArt is not only the overall best photo editor but also a perfect collage maker on your phone. Once you download it, you can enjoy multiple photo editing tools such as free clipart library, color effects, among others. you can also check out for one click photo editing.

Some of PicsArt Features

1. Photo editor

2. Drawing & camera

3. Free stickers, sticker and clipart marker

4. Collage maker with grids

5. Download For iPhone for free

5. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor.

Are you looking forward to unleashing your potential photo editing creativity? Pixlr is here for you. Capture the moment of your interest and edit it with over two million photo editing features. It also allows you to easily share your edited pictures to your friends via What Apps, Facebook, emails, among others.


1. Adjust your photo color using the auto-fix button by a single click

2. Create photo collages efficiently and with customized ratio and grid styles with any form of background you need

3. Create an array of beautiful and transparent effects using double exposure effects

4. You can use stylize to create cool photo effects

5. Effortlessly remove Clipping paths, blemishes, smoothen skin, or whiten teeth with modest tools.

6. Use Focal Blur to add color splash effects

7. Quickly and easily crop and resize images before saving.

8. Download For iPhone

6. Darkroom – Photo Editor

Save yourself from tedious and erroneous photo editing workflow using the best integrated and effective Darkroom photo editing app.

Features of Darkroom – Photo Editor.

1. Library Sync

2. Pro Tools

3. Content-Aware Frames

4. Batch Processing

5. Export Options

6. Create your customized filters

7. Carbon photo editor

The app Featured by as the best trending photo editing app of the year. You can easily add stunning white and black filters and effects directly to your photos.

Some Features of Carbon

1. Black & White Photo Editing

2. Edit Photo Textures such as Grain textures, Grunge textures, Dust textures, Bokeh textures among others

3. Add Photo Filters and Borders such as creative borders, stylistic flair, blending modes

8. Enlight.

All in one photo editing apps. Every photo you have dreamed of or needed requires a powerful and beautiful photo editor.

Features of Enlight

1. Image Perfection

2. An Artist’s Dream

3. Analog & Duo Filters

4. Decorative Touches and Crop Options

5. Black & White Photography

6. Photo Mixer using Power Tools

7. Intelligent Photo Correction for Social Media Heaven

9. Touch Retouch

It offers you the best photo editing tools you require to efficiently add or remove content from your Android or iPhone photos.

Features of Touch Retouch

1. One-touch fixes

2. Innovative features such as the Single-flick line elimination.

3. Easy-to-use tools such as retouching

4. Easy to set eraser sizes and hardness

5. Download For Android at € 2.29.

10. Film born

‎Film born Features

1. Download for Android and iPhone

2. Photo Frames

3. Professional image editing gears

4. A wide range of advanced photo filters

5. Edit photos with a wide range of your Impeccable Selfie and portrait snapshots

6. Download For iPhone for free

7. Innovative Photo Transform tools

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