Best 5 Ways to Look Younger


We all want to hold on to that youthful look we once had. When it boils down to it, age is really just a number no matter what anyone says. You will always be as young as you feel but unfortunately this feeling can’t stop your appearance from getting older.

Ageing is a fact of life but there are plenty of simple ways you can recapture that youthfulness, keeping your complexion looking healthy and radiant regardless of what your birth certificate says. Read our 5 top tips on how you get yourself feeling good and looking like you’re reversing those years.

4Keep The Foundation to A Minimum

Foundation can be the quickest indicator of age for any woman. When a lot is applied, it tends to settle on the rough patches of the face or even your facial lines and creases. You should instead look to transparent moisturizing foundation or alternatively, tinted moisturizer. As long as you’re steering clear from a powder base you will see immediate benefits. If you add a primer before applying the foundation it will roll on more smoothly, filling in those lines and minimizes those dreaded dark circles.


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