Are you running a startup accounting firms in the UK and struggling to stay on top of all the aspects of accounting and bookkeeping? This is where accounting software can help to simplify your work.

Startup owners must have accounting software. It not only makes it simpler to bill clients but also gives you a quick overview of your cash flow and streamlines the tax processes.

Here is a quick guide on the top accounting software available in the UK to assist you in making the best decision for your company.

Best accounting software in the UK

You need the best accounting software if you want your firm to run as smoothly as possible. To assist you in selecting the best tool for your business, we’ve listed 5 of the most popular ones.

Best accounting software in the UK


QuickBooks is one of the best online accounting software. Like other accounting software, Quickbooks has a visually appealing dashboard that displays important information like income, expenses, and profit and loss, etc.

It offers accurate double-entry accounting with comprehensive reports and powerful charts of accounts, customisable invoices, support for numerous currencies, inventory management, payroll support, and over 400 integrations.


One of the most popular and free online accounting software applications is Wave. For accounting, invoicing, and receipts, the application is free; however, businesses must pay for payroll and additional personal technical support.

Wave is one of the best accounting tools for startups, sole proprietors, and independent contractors. The free features that Wave offers are limitless billing, unlimited estimates, contact management, cost tracking, personal accounting, and reports generation.

Zoho Books

You can integrate Zoho Books with numerous apps from Zoho’s suite and other third-party software. You can use it to create invoices, organize spending, and keep track of products and services. Zoho Books is part of a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools – other software comprises Zoho Expense and Zoho Invoice.

For real-time data on cash flow, Zoho Books can also establish a connection with your bank account. Prices start at £10 a month, and a free trial is available before buying.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

This software is an easy-to-use accounting tool for startup owners. It can assist you with everything required to run your business smoothly, including payroll, cash flow, and invoicing.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting prices start at £12 per month, and users can manage their accounting from anywhere, anytime, via the cloud, and with mobile functionality.


Kashflow is a fantastic tool that can assist you with all aspects of accounting, including bookkeeping and payroll. It even has an HR tool that can be useful if your company plans to hire staff, allowing you to keep processes streamlined in one tool.

It assists with quoting, invoicing, payment notifications and offers a complete view of your finances anytime, anywhere. It provides simple-to-understand reports, and you can link your bank accounts to the platform to keep track of all your business finances.

How to select an accounting software

Make sure to consider the following factors when selecting an accounting software:

Company’s needs

You should ensure that the accounting software fulfills the unique needs of your business. The tool has to include functionalities that are relevant to your sector and that can assist you in managing your finances effectively.


Although accounting software might be expensive, numerous solutions are offered at various price points. Select the software that best meets your needs and budget without sacrificing functionality or features.

Ease of use

The accounting software can be challenging and complicated to use. Make sure you pick software that is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Final thoughts

Finding the ideal accounting tool for your company is a difficult task. After spending time and money on one accounting system, switching to another will be quite challenging.

Therefore, it is usually preferable to take more time before making a purchase in order to avoid disappointment later.

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