Life has become busier and the world has become more unstable. It is often observed that the demanding lifestyle makes it difficult to give time to your children and family. The good news is that technological advancement has given you a way to ensure that your family is secured. You can keep an eye on your children using iPhone tracker 5 best child tracking apps for iPhone while they face the physical world. While the same can be done with some special device, these kids spying apps can do the monitoring for you without disclosing this to them. Whether your child is a teenager or a small kid who just started experiencing the world spying helps you safeguard them and liberates you from worries. The following are the best ten apps for spying effectively on your children.


It is one of the most-used apps for tracking through cell phones. While ease of use and reliability are the most admired features it allows you to monitor multiple things including calls, social media, apps, contact lists, etc. The highlight features include geo-fencing, danger alerts, etc.

Mama Bear

This is another popular app that gives you information like location, messaging, etc. It also allows you to monitor the driving habits of your children. You get alerts when your teen is speeding up. You can use the free version or buy the paid one for more features. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Family Tracker

It is one of the oldest apps that is also paid. However, it still enjoys its market niche for its effectiveness. It is also available for both major cell phone platforms iPhone and Android. Instead of messages, notification is preferred for communicating whereabouts of your family.

Spy Bubble

The spy bubble app is popular for its versatility. It is often referred to as the jack of all spy trades. The app provides all the usual tracking services like other apps. Most of the users find the website of the app to be quite honest about the features and performance claims which intrigue most users.

Phone Sheriff

It provides some special features to exert control in addition to monitoring. You can set time limits on your children’s phones. This feature can be used to limit the duration for which they play or access social media. The app also locks and shuts the phone down on your instructions.


This app provides you with facilities to monitor and control your kids at different levels. The features and services at each level are different and specialized for that age-group. The middle-school level blocks websites of gambling, shopping, liquor, dating, etc. The high-school level can also block content that is violent or adult.


The Kidgy app is also liked by many parents. It has features like a panic button, task manager, geo-fencing, location tracking, etc. It translates every online activity of your child for you. It is available for iOS and Android phones.


This is a free app for both iOS and Android phones. It is liked by many parents for its simplicity. In addition to providing the messaging, location and other details, it also informs you about the battery life left on your child’s phone. You can change the settings to completely hide or let the country or the exact location visible.

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