With Christmas just around the corner, autumn can be that time of year when our beauty and fashion budget is at its tightest. Summer may have felt like a breeze with our standard wear of strappy dresses and sandals and even though we can still have sunny autumn days, the decreasing temperature naturally brings an increasing need to cover up from head to toe – so how do you expand your wardrobe and save money?

The answer can be simpler and more exciting than you think. Signing up to be a product tester for cosmetics and beauty products means that you will save money on your make up and skin care routine which can be then put to good use for investing in your winter wardrobe. The colder weather may make you feel like you need to dress for Narnia, but you can also do this on a budget too! Here are 5 of the best cheap fashion tips that will see you through skipping through the autumn leaves and sipping pumpkin spiced lattes whilst still looking a la mode with your makeup on point even if it snows!


You can still wear your favourite dresses instead of delegating them to the back of your closet. Putting a long-sleeved t-shirt under a mini or maxi and adding tights and boots is a simple way to transitioning the summer to autumn season whatever the weather and if it gets even colder – a belted blazer or chunky cardi will help keep you warm whilst helping you to keep your shape too.

Leggy in leggings

Leggings really can be a girl’s best friend and go with just about every outfit and style of footwear. Laciness can add a touch of raciness under ripped jeans but adds a pop of cuteness when worn with a chunky knit jumper and thin black leggings look great under denim shorts (or even hot pants and playsuits). Chunky grey ribbed ones look great in their own right with a pair of leather boots and a military style coat.

Jacket statement

If you are going to invest in a few essential wardrobe pieces to see you through autumn months; a statement jacket is the way to go. Choosing something that really stands out whilst complimenting all your summer clothes means you can mix and match to your heart’s content. A leather jacket, for instance, doesn’t have to be expensive as you think especially when it’s faux PVC but looks like the real thing. A military style coat or a cropped furry jacket can also look just as stylish with choice depending on your individual style.

Autumn palette

Summer pastels and neon lights can still have their place on the winter colour wheel, but earth rich tones are the colours for every autumn wardrobe and you only need a couple of pieces to extend the wear of your lighter summer clothes. Think lavender paired with plum or pink with grey. A pop of colour also makes a great statement to a neutral toned outfit and can be quickly added with a bold necklace or scarf.


Footwear needs to be an important consideration when you want to look fashionable but still be warm and able to walk on wet and icy pavements. You can choose whether to buy one expensive pair that will go with anything and everything but to save money and sport a variety of looks you may decide that a few pairs of lower cost fashion boots are more your vibe.

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It’s still possible to look great in the colder months within a budget. Why not consider just some of these tips to make the most of your fashion spend this season.

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