2. Australia :

Australia is another outstanding country to live in, also referred to as the “Lucky Country.”

    • Australia has a temperate climate and beautiful beaches and the country is known for its healthy and active lifestyle.
    • The cost of living here falls below that of many other countries in the world, and yet there is plenty of excellent cuisine and rich culture.
    • A visit to Australia is going to be more expensive because their economy is very strong and they have handled the Global Financial Crisis better than any other Western country


  • The beauty and uniqueness of Australia also go a long way to making it an attractive, fun-filled place to live. Switzerland is another extraordinary country in which to live. Independent and beautiful, this country has learned to make a name for herself despite her difficulties.
  • Another extraordinary country to live in is Switzerland – English, French, German (two dialects), Italian, and Romansch (similar to ancient Latin). Foreigners from most any country will feel at home here, as the use of many languages here is accepted and embraced


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