Europe is home to the most scenic routes in the world! From the pilgrimage route of Italy to the dramatic seascapes of the Baltic Coast, the continent has something for the amateurs and professional cyclists as well. 

So, dust off your bike, pack your gear and get ready for the adventurous ride to the best cycling routes of Europe!

Cingles de Ventoux- France

With a plenty of stunning cycling trails, France is a standout destination for cycling holidays. Cingles de Ventoux is one such trail cherished by the amateur riders. This 1,912m peak in Provence with famous lunar landscape dominates the landscape around the Vaucluse. 

There are three different routes of Mont Ventoux:

From Bedoin

It is a 21.5km long classic Tour de France climb. From Sainte Esteve to Chalet Reynard, you’ll ride up to a gradient of around 9-10%. It is the most popular of the cycling three routes of Ventoux.

From Sault

This route is seen as an easy option as it has a more forgiving gradient than the other two. With a length of 26km, it is a long climb and gives offers a gentle cycling experience.

From Malaucene

It is quieter but a challenging route. Though its length is similar to the classic climb, the gradients are variable.

Ride The Path Of Champions-La Marmotte

If you really want to face the challenge, sign for the famous La Marmotte sportive. Not only it’s one of the oldest sportive, but also the most beautiful one. It is a one-day road cycling event featuring more than 5,000 meters of climbing. 

The ultimate climbs are the Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier, Col du Gladon, and Alpe d’Huez, where La Marmotte ends at the Avenue de Rif Nel. This beautiful circuit of three mountains stepped in the Tour de France history will give you an enthralling experience. 

Paddle In The Elegant Landscapes Of Italy

Italian cycling trails won’t disappoint you for sure. From mountains and seaside to the Dolomites, all this points you towards the beauty of the country. The mystery and magic around the Dolomites is so addictive that it will make you come back again and again.

The route that goes from the Dolomites to Lake Garda is perfect for a quiet escape. No cars, no noises, just some fellow cyclists on the way! 

Strade Bianche is a famous road cycle race held in Tuscany (Central Italy) that starts and finishes in Siena. Packed with traditional white roads, Tuscany offers gravel riding at its best. You can catch the pro race with Strade Bianche Sportive 2020 for perfect biking tours.

Head To The Flemish Cycling Route

If you are a newbie, the flat canal route from Amsterdam to Burges is a perfect trail to start with. Besides the lovely towns of Ghent and Antwerp, this cycling route takes you closer to the North Sea. 

Once you get ready for the tougher challenge, it’s time to explore the cobbles of Deinze, a Flemish town. With 1100m of cobbled climbing, it presents a challenging 20% gradient.  

Don’t want to stretch that much? You can bike along the coastal roads, wetlands, and vineyards at Route du Comte Jean. 

Enjoy Fresh Sea Air While Riding In The Baltic Coast

National parks, coastal towns, and plentiful of sandy beaches-this cycling route is truly a blast for your eyes! The Baltic coastline of over 7,000km allows you to choose your starting point from anywhere between Germany and the northern part of Sweden. 

While you hit the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, don’t forget to explore their historic capitals. If you wish to try something new, head towards the Finnish side of the Russian border.

The Danube River Cycling Route

Explore the diverse views of Central Europe by following the cycling route along the river Danube. This popular trail starts in Germany and goes all the way to Vienna. It’s a 340km long ride that presents stunning castles, villages, churches, and historical monuments. You can continue your route to Budapest in Hungary for more exotic and adventurous eastern European trails. 


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