Who has not heard the term dash cam? Every person who loves automobiles and cars must have come across this word. Its principal purpose is to monitor the car when the owner/driver is not around. The dashcam aids to watch the four-wheeler at all times of the day. It records all the activities occurring when you have to leave your vehicle by itself.

In the era of CCTV and online recordings, why should car systems not update? The need for a dashcam is also becoming important, just like a requirement of CCTV in a bank. You need some device that is there to look after your car always. No person can stay behind the wheel always or notice everything happening around. A tool that provides aid in this matter must be available 24/7 besides your possession.

At present, the automobile industry and the latest technology are giving importance to this now. There are many types of dash cameras ready to be sold in the market. Some of the advanced car companies sell cars with the default installation of dash cams. Anyways it is a must-to-have accessory for your overall vehicle protection.

Here is the list of some of the safest & the best dashcams available in 2019:



Raven is a complete car security camera that has all the latest features. It is the best amongst all the diversity of accessible security cameras for the dashboard. The dashcam of Raven is installed mostly on the dashboard or the windshield of your vehicle. It is because so that it can remain in your field of view perpetually.

It can be customized accordingly as per your will and requirements. It ensures that you have the best information to help you drive safely. There are multiple functions and easily accessible in this car connected system. It gives you live-status views of your vehicle and its surroundings. You can easily monitor your car’s location, fuel levels, live view of inside and outside, etc. The advances system of this also gives you drive reports and customizable alerts.

The Raven app is sharable with family and close friends. Its drive reports can save you by providing evidence in case of emergency and mis happenings. There are driving behavior alerts such as speeding, boundary, and dangerous driving activities. You can share your journey with loved ones so that they can track you where you’ve reached and know by what time you will arrive.

Anker Roav

Anker Roav is one of the known names in the world of dash cameras. Its marvelous quality is that it can provide effective night vision. It is famous for its ability to see and record things in the dark. The other outstanding feature that this camera holds is that it can withstand extreme cold and hot conditions efficiently. You do not need to worry that your car is alone in the dark, or you cannot know what happened around the vehicle the last night. This camera is there as a guardian of the four-wheeler. Multiple other features make Anker stand out from the crowd. This camera has an internal memory card by default of 32 GB. It can work in extreme weather conditions such as from -4 degrees to 158 degrees heat.


It is the dashcam with new technology and the latest features. To make this cam integrate with your car, you need to make sure that your car is not of a very old model. At least the model must be of 2000 or the years after that.

Owlcam can stream live videos into your smartphone, tablet, and other e-devices. It streams video online and has an LCD touchscreen. It has smartly installed the high-resolution camera in its default functions. It has two cameras, one for the recording the outside of your car and one for the inside monitoring. The Owlcam has an inbuilt feature of controlling voice. It is very rare to find in other devices of such type.

YI Smart Camera

It a tiny package that comes with a lot of technological features in a small-sized camera. This camera has a high resolution of up to 1080p and provides good quality videos. It has an affordable rate and many advanced characteristics. YI Smart Dash Camera also has a pre-installed smart card in it.

Nextbase 112

It is the dashcam that is affordable and has a low rate. It can record in standard HD. With its low price, it comes with a strong contender for the budget. This camera also has a backup battery and can record and display videos for 30 minutes. Nextbase has to plug into your car’s socket to turn it on and to start functioning. Some features are missing in this dashcam as compared to other advanced dashcams. But the relatively lower price of this device makes it fair.

If you are looking for choices and varieties for buying a dashcam for your car, choose wisely. opt for the camera that best suits your daily needs and requirements. Out of multiple available options and ready to be sold products, you have to make a thoughtful decision. Check for all the features, limitations, and integrations before you arrive at a conclusion.


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