The industry of computer games continues to grow every day. Statista says that by 2023, the value of the video games market will increase to more than $200 billion. This sphere includes not only game developers and gamers but also organizers of international e-sports competitions (like The International – championship for Dota 2 players and others), owners of a cyber cafe business, and many other people. Somebody may think that time of Internet cafes and cyber cafes passed, but they are wrong. There are many reasons to be sure that business in the field of video games will grow. So, if you want to be a successful owner of an e-sports arena or cyber cafe, you should now think about advanced gaming cafe software. Fortunately, the world operating company Enestech makes and continues to develop one of the best software for Internet cafes in the world called Senet. Let’s overview the arguments for using it.

There are many problems an owner of an e-sports cafe should solve. We can divide them into three groups: managing, organizing, and control. Senet can help to deal with all of them easily. 

Frauds and Employees’ Sloppiness

Senet gaming cafe software prevents deceptions from your workers. The director has access to all operations made in the net of e-sports arena or Internet café and can control all workflow, capacity of machines, activity in hall, and so on. The interface of the program is user-friendly. You can manage everything from any corner of the globe in several clicks made from your smartphone. Also, Senet preserves your time on goal setting and prevents miscommunication with staff. Finally, this software will be useful for you in making and running an esports arena business plan.   

Organization of Tournaments

Internet cafes and e-sports arenas often become organizers of local e-sports competitions. Such events help to attract new clients and increase incomes, but they demand a lot of time, skills, and nerves from your side. Luckily, Senet seems to be the best esports tournament software. Cheaters will have no chance because of it. Additionally, you won’t waste time and forces on different programs to make a good championship. 

Statistic Control

Last but not least on the list of problems that can be solved with Senet is control of money flow and gathering statistics about the functioning of your cyber cafe. This data is necessary for the correct management of your business. Billing software is needed for this task, and Enestech forecasts it in the diversity of functions of Senet. Of course, you can try to find other e-sports management software, but thousands of owners of Internet cafes, cyber cafes, and e-sports arenas say that Senet is the best option on the market. Try a demo version and assure yourself of this fact. 

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