Germany and specifically Munich has a lot to offer to every visitor. It doesn’t matter whether you like Techno, Shakespeare or pretzels, you will always have something for yourself in 2020. There are many beer festivals, sports festivals, wine festivals and street festivals that you can check in 2020.

There’s actually so much going on this December and the start of 2020. If for any case you are looking for fun activities to fill your weekend or even some amazing events that you should check in 2020, here are some of the best events and festivals that you should check for next year.

Annual Music Extravaganza

This is actually the first festival that draws opera funs crazy. This festival gives its funs the best of music and at the same time offers visitors a chance to visit some of the Munich’s most stunning structural buildings. Performances take place at the National Theater, Colville’s-theater, The Allerheilligen-Hofkirche and Prinzregantentheater.

The festival will also feature full chora and instrumental performances and concerts by individuals from Bavarian state Opera. The main highlight for this is Opera for All which is a live transmission of a full-length opera production to the outdoor audience seated in Maz Joseph-Platz from full-length indoor opera production.

Parookaville Festival

This festival takes place between July 19th and 21st the same month every year. The 2020 electronic music festival states that their main aim here is to celebrate the three key principles of the mythologized founding father Bill Parooka,. These key principles are Madness, love and happiness.

This is actually regarded as the biggest electronic festival in Germany. Though, most people would wonder why it’s the biggest and the most anticipated festival whilst it started few years ago. Thinking of visiting Germany and participate in next year’s Parookaville Festival in Munich, we suggest you to book your airport transfer from Munich airport with because taxi is far more expensive in Germany than a private transfer.

Hamburger Summer Dom

Here is another festival that you can expect to participate in next year. The event usually takes part between July 26th-August 25th.This is a full month of experiencing the best of Munich. It is actually regarded as the biggest festival in Northern Germany. They usually feature rides and stalls and for this reason, you can expect that it transforms Hamburg’s filed of spirits into a ginormous fun fair.

This festival originated from the 11th century when a collection of merchants, jugglers and craftsmen settled here as they were looking for a shelter in Hamburg’s Mariendom.


As you prepare to participate in next year’s Oktoberfest in Munich, book your Munich airport transfer for the best experience and peace of mind. Munich suffers from the transportation collapse during the Oktoberfest almost every year. Taxi is rarely available within reasonable time.

People in Munich are known for celebrating this festival annually with a great show. The fest is expected to take part for about 16 days and there are many carnival games, traditional Germany foods and much more. It’s also the best chance to experience the German beer and also participate in some of the best activities in the show. It is actually regarded as the largest fair in the world and so it’s worth your time. You will actually have a chance to party to your fullest and at the same time experience the Bavarian Culture. The fest is expected to take part in 2020 from September to October.

Kocherball Fest

This is one of the oldest festivals in the city today. It was started as a tradition very many years ago. It is also known as ‘’cooks ball’’. It’s a fest for the cooks, housekeepers and servants to come together in the English Harden Park on a Sunday morning and dance. You may not have a chance to participate but now you have a chance to sit down and watch. It is a nice way to have fun on your Sunday morning.

Summer Tollwood

Lastly, we will talk about the summer Tollwood festival. This festival is held every year during the summer season. The festival is known for its wide array of musical and circus performance. The festival is also known for the crafts, local culinary, Jewelry, delicacies and several other things that make the show amazing. The festival takes place at the Olympia Park in Munich in July of each year.


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