Today in the world there are more than 8000 websites for dating and finding a partner. About 2500 of them are in the United States. It is believed that every year approximately 1000 new dating sites appear on the World Wide Web, although, of course, quantity does not always mean quality. This is probably why the main niche leaders have changed very little in recent years.

Below are the top three free international dating websites. We provide their pros and cons, as well as what functionality is available for free, and which additional functions are included in the premium package.


The website appeared in 2004 during the heyday of the social activity of people on the Internet. In just three years the Time magazine has placed it in the TOP 10 best dating services. The site grew incredibly, and today it is one of the largest dating websites in the world.

About 10 million OkCupid users are from the USA. The average age is 25-34. The ratio of men to women is 65/35.

What is included in the list of free website features?

  •  Registration of a personal account.
  •  Viewing and selection of candidates suggested by the system.
  •  Saving the history of candidates you like
  •  Using basic filters.
  •  Chats under certain conditions. This will be described in detail below.

You can really send a message, in fact, to all users for free, but the recipient will see the message only if your sympathy for each other is mutual.

If you want more, get paid access. It includes:

  •  information about who “likes” your profile;
  •  no advertising;
  •  report whether your message was read;
  •  advanced filters to find a partner;
  •  profile auto-boost;
  •  the priority of your messages over others;
  •  viewing of public questions.

Plenty of Fish

This is another extremely popular dating website functioning since 2003. The website claims to have 78 million users from the United States. The ratio of M and F users is 60/40. The average age, as in OkCupid, is 25-34.

POF is considered to be the model among free websites with respect to available functionality. It has additional features, such as the “Ultra Match” function, which displays 50 most suitable candidates for you; auto-exit from the website after some time of inactivity; and convenient mobile application.

You can do the following for free:

  •  register;
  •  receive candidate suggestions;
  •  view other people’s profiles in an abridged version;
  •  send messages to any user;
  •  add people to “favorites”;
  •  take the test for compatibility;
  •  send voice messages;
  •  see users near you;
  •  use the mobile application

If you want to know what exactly you will receive if you decide to invest a little for the sake of your happiness, here are several examples.

  •   Access to user profiles in an expanded version.
  •  Display the status of the messages you sent.
  •  No advertising on the website.
  •   Priority of your profile in search results.
  •  Ability to send 3 virtual gifts per day.
  •  Information about users viewing your page

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Officially “born” in 1993, Match got its first users in its virtual space in 1995.

The audience of the website includes 20 million around the world, including 4 million from the United States. The ratio of men to women is 55/45. The curious fact is that there is approximately the same number of people in the age categories 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54.

The main difference between Match and the two previous websites is that it is impossible to send messages to other users for free. In general, the following is available to you for free:

  •  registration of an account on the website;
  •  filling out your own profile;
  •  sending “likes”;
  •  viewing the search results of a potential partner;
  •  obtaining SingledOut candidate selections;
  •  viewing user profiles.

At the same time, the “premium” Match users are able to:

  •  send messages,
  •  use messenger,
  •  receive information about people viewing profile,
  •  receive notifications about email status,
  •  use “invisible” mode and other functions


All the dating websites above have their pros and cons, their own characteristics and features. And, of course, an objective assessment “for oneself” can only be made by getting to know each of them in practice. Many examples confirm that millions of users found their love on each website. But where exactly will you find your soul mate … Well, perhaps exactly where you least expect it!

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