The Best Games With Friends Online On Pc To Pass The Evening

The Best Games With Friends Online On Pc To Pass The Evening

Any multiplayer game gets better when played with buddies. Even if you live in different cities and can’t visit each other’s homes to engage in split-screen co-op adventures or have enjoyable game parties, there will be projects that will let you connect. This compilation will show some of them.


The popular shooter Destiny 2 was originally honed for cooperative gameplay, so it’s great for a group of friends. Here you will find an exciting storyline, a large selection of character classes and weapons, as well as numerous missions, raids, tasks and so on.

In September 2019, the base part of the game became completely free, so you can freely download it on Steam and join the adventure.

If you want to beat your friends in a custom race, we suggest you buy destiny 2 weapons. So you will definitely become a winner.


D:OS2 is a one-of-a-kind RPG. It is a four-player game, but it is not simply another “Diablo-id” with endless combat. Divinity: Original Sin 2, on the other hand, is a true CRPG with rich characters, branching conversations, and total freedom of choice. And the creators were able to build a gameplay in which each player becomes a full-fledged hero capable of moving the story along with his teammates – or embarking on his own trip, distinct from the group.


Multiplayer horror game for fans of 80s horror movies. One player becomes a brutal killer, while four others play the role of survivors trying to escape.


This survival sim challenges players to fight the horrors of a nightmarish underworld where anything can kill characters, from cold and hunger to monsters and mental disorders.

The original game was focused on solo survival, but the add-on allows you to play online with friends – which, however, doesn’t increase the chances of winning.


In this co-op action RPG, you have to hunt down and conquer numerous fantasy creatures, products of the fantasy of Japanese game makers from Capcom.

The essence of the game is endless grinding: you will kill monsters to get resources, to create equipment to kill even more powerful monsters – and so on ad infinitum. The developers are constantly updating the game with fresh content, including unusual collaborations – like an add-on with characters and monsters from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Civilization 6 is an opportunity to build your ideal empire. In this part of the game, you can challenge your friends or, conversely, help them. Declare war on other states or take the side of diplomacy. The goal is straight – to create a powerful civilization.


Borderlands is a co-op looter shooter featuring a massive arsenal of weaponry, tens of thousands of adversaries, and a dark sense of humor. With each new installment, the series improves – the level of insanity increases, the narrative improves, and it’s difficult to look away from what’s on the screen.

We’ve included the second and third parts of the series in the selection, and we strongly advise you to read them if you haven’t already.


A curious hack’n’slash in the spirit of Diablo and Titan Quest allows players to gather a company to clear locations from various monsters – of course, in the name of saving the world. In addition to constant battles, the game also has a huge selection of skills and perks, an equipment crafting system, character build building and a lot of quests.


Another co-op game on PC. Mechanics, as in any zombie action: build bases, look for survivors and defeat the risen dead. Easier than simple, but in words. But in fact?


Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer online action game about pirates that brilliantly captures the spirit of adventure and necessitates flawless coordination. A ship will not sail unless the crew learns to set sail and chart a course, and it will sink swiftly in the first skirmish unless the sailors fire cannons and bail water from the hold. However, well-coordinated labor will undoubtedly be rewarded with mountains of riches.


In Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic action RPG, you’ll explore a world in disarray following a terrible terrorist strike. And here, dependable companions will come in handy: a loner will not endure long against marauders, robbers, and zealots, and raids are much more so built for combined transit. Specializations, which allow individuals to perform diverse positions in the squad while complementing one another, also encourage team interaction.


A killer co-op 2D shooter with fully destructible surroundings, a plethora of cruel characters from classic action films, and intimidating bosses. Broforce will entice you with an intriguing story campaign, let you have fun in PvP Deathmatch mode, and allow you to be creative in the custom level editor.

You may even download additional missions and full campaigns from the Workshop to continue your journey even after the campaign has ended.


What else do you need for a decent racing game? A chunk of England free for exploration, over 450 automobiles with tuning and personalization, varied difficulty settings ranging from arcade to near-car simulator, and a frequent change of seasons. Is it just the opportunity to race with friends in a number of competitive settings with ad hoc rules? All of this is available in Forza Horizon 4, which is widely regarded as the finest arcade race of all time.

The fourth part did not maintain the title for long, giving way to the younger sister – the fifth part was more beautiful, realistic, and bigger. In it, you alone, or better with friends, will travel through the expanses of beautiful Mexico, which is known for its diverse biomes, collect new cars in your collection and participate in activities that will take you headlong.


What games do you play with your friends?

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