There are few things more impressive than being bilingual. Well, at least as far as I’m concerned. The hard part is actually learning a second language. When learning a new language, German is somewhat difficult for English speakers, but I’d think that just means more challenge and more bragging rights once you’re an expert! I searched for apps that teach you German, and I happened to find of with what they claim the be the best 10 apps around for learning German, so I thought to give it a look. Also, here’s the link if you’re interested!

Best 10 Apps for Learning German by App Grooves

I also picked out a few of my own that I liked and here are my reviews for each of them.

Learn from Linguistic Experts with Babbel

Babbel, as the title of this section implies, was created by linguistic experts so that you will be able to learn all that you can in the shortest amount of time possible. The games and practice conversations will keep you entertained for as long as you care to play, or you can simply complete short 5-minute lessons if you’re lacking time. I found this one to be great if you’re like me and you tend to give up easily. The reason is you’re likely to keep on going thanks to the fun and simple design.

Another great thing is that this course is super long, so you know you will be able to learn a ton from it. But this might not be for you – it depends on how much you want to learn. Although it has short lessons, you might be looking for a “quicker” crash course for the German language. If you want a shorter course than this, then another app may be more up your alley.

Jump Right Into it with Learn German

Learn German is a very unique app that skips over the basics. That’s right! So if you need to learn the basics still, then you can skip this app. However, if you know the very basics already and just want to skip right to the good stuff, this app is great! I’d say Learn German is perfect for people who want to nail down most common German phrases right before traveling to Germany. It is very careful to only give you as much as you can handle, so don’t worry about getting overwhelmed. I found this app to be also great for practicing your pronunciation. I found a neat activity where you repeat a conversation into your microphone, and the app will correct you where you went wrong. Again, I think this is great for people who intend to actually go to Germany one day because you will need to know how to pronounce every word!

Like I said, it tries its best not to be overwhelming in the beginning, but if you really don’t know very much, it probably will be. Although this app isn’t great for those who are true beginners, it is perfect if you already know the basics and you want to extend your knowledge! But if you really need to start from the very beginning, Babbel might be better.

Practice with Real People with HelloTalk

This one is a bit different than first two which is also the reason why I decided to include in my list. HelloTalk gets rid of the bots and allows you to connect with real native German speakers. That way you can learn German verbs, nouns, adjectives and everything else from people to whom German is the first language. You probably speak your native language as easily as you breathe, well now you can learn German from someone who does the same!

Now, there’s a specific element to the app that might be great for some, but not for all. Let me start by saying you need basic social skills for this app. If you love meeting new people, then HelloTalk is a great app for learning and socializing at the same time. However, if you are an introvert, you may not be as thrilled about talking to strangers and learning might become a real nuisance instead of a fun activity.

As I said, I found these three apps to me most interesting out of the dozens I found because they are unique, useful, and fun! I hope that one of them works out for you, and I’m sure you will be great at learning German! I’m definitely going to make use of some of these in my own language-learning endeavors! Happy learning.