You know what kids are the best ones? Twins! Of course all kids are beautiful and charming, as sweet as a sugar candy but twins have a charismatic aura. They tend to attract people way more than any other kids. It is such a beautiful gift that nature has given us. Can you make something that is biologically and physically identical! An exact copy? You obviously can’t. Nobody except the Almighty and nature can do that. And the most common reference one could use is the twins in Harry Potter. A lot of people actually cried gallons of tears when one of the brothers died during the last battle against the Dark lord. Twins work on three conditional loops –

Either both are naughty

One of them is naughty while the other one is calm

Both are calm (which is THE MOST RAREST CASE).

Now what do you think would be the best gift to give them on their birthday? Selecting a gift is actually difficult not only for twins, but any kid or even adults. But now internet is full of options for fun stuff 9-year-old girls like that can be a good gifting option. Let’s look at the below mentioned ideas to explore the possibilities-

1. Customized clothing

The world is going on auto pilot and customisation. Who could think in the 1990’s that the world will have customised products all over, that the standard and patent rules for anything, literally everything will be banished, and it will all work only by the consent of people? You can gift customised clothes to the twins. No, not the exact same ones. For example, get two black tees printed with some graphics. Print “Best” on one tee and “friends” on the other one. That sounds so cool!

2. Pendants

Make them beautiful pendants. Be it a boy or a girl, get a jeweller hammered some real nice jewellery pieces. Make their name as their pendants. That is something which is unique, yet both of them will have the same. You can go for bracelets and rings as well. Boys and girls, both can wear these.

3. Cakes and flowers

Customized cakes are in trend right now. Anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, get together cakes, mini cakes, photo cakes, the list goes on and on. Accompany the little cake with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Send flowers online to them with this website. It will give you a wide range to choose from, the flowers are properly categorised under the catalogues. Ordering flowers online has never been this easy. You know what’s the USP here? is now possible with just simple clicks over a website. All you need to do is sign in, place your order and sit back while your order gets ready and delivered at your doorstep or for instance, their doorstep.

4. Boom boxes

Get them two boxes filled with the stuff that they love. Chocolates, candies, cards, little messages written by their friends and family, photographs, fill it up to the brim. Select two different colours for both the boxes so that you know which one for whom is. Decorate these boxes well with flowers, sparkle, wrapping sheets and some teenie winnie stars.

Put them outside their room at midnight and ask them to come outside of their rooms, open the box with a boom cracker that everyone has been using these days at birthday parties and surprise them!

5. Stationary sets

Get them notepads, diaries, pens, mugs, to do printable and all other jittery stationery products customised with their favourite colour and name. A newly decked up desk to work on is one of the most satisfying things in the world.

You can try on and experiment with your own ideas, mingle them up with the aforementioned and who knows what you will end up discovering for the twin birthday party.

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