Audiophiles. They surround us everywhere. From bus stop to subways, from office to workout, from concerts to soap operas, music lovers know what they need to aspire to. It helps you enhance your emotion, bring confidence, and nurture your efficiency.

That is why it is one of the things you can buy for your own and your loved ones. But the question that stumbles is: What to get a music lover who not only helps them, but they love it, top to bottom? Here we have the complete guide for you on the top gifts for audiophiles and music lovers in 2020.

AV Receiver

You may wonder what does an av receiver could do. If you look closely, the best thing that a music lover craves is sound quality. If you get them those, then that’s the best. An av receiver is an electronic device that receives audio and video signals from different sources such as home theatre, TV, soundbars, etc.

Though most of the audio output devices come with in-built av receivers when your surround system needs more for all audio and video components, some of the best av receivers which you will get under $499 are Onkyo TX-RZ830 7.2 Ch, Pioneer VSX-LX 104 7.2 Ch, Sony STR-DTH790 7.2 Ch and Yamaha RX-V485 5.1 Ch.

Earbuds headphones

Long gone are the days of the big headphones that cover most of your neck like a guillotine strap. Today, earbud headphones have become a prominent choice for music lovers. These small headphones are a compressed form of the classic style, yet they provide a sensation of bass yet considerable to give them a try. you can check audio store for more info.

Soundproofing acoustic panels

You may have seen those separate styles of wall pattern in recording studio and theatres. These are special add-on wall features that help the sound signals reduce reverberation, clarify tone, and reduce unwanted noise within an enclosed area. This mineral wool or Styrofoam materials like structures help those missing pitch tones reach to your ear without disruption.

Soundproofing acoustic panels

Vinyl Record Drink Coaster Set

These vinyl record drink coaster set perfectly fits the bill for those who love surprises. These hand-made and recycled retro vinyl records add the tweak of classic music style to your coffee table. Adding to this, the vinyl material protects your wooden table from hot or cold drinks and keep it safe for long-lasting use. These are eco-friendly and create a reminiscent music environment in the place. You can find these beverage coasters in many designs and colors.

Retro Trivia Card Game

A set of 90s retro trivia card games is one thing you may want to give to those who can challenge themselves with their love of music history. A set of cards comes with 100 trivia quiz questions that will test your knowledge of music artists of the decade, including Spice Girls, Akon, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, and Bryan Adams. For the retro trivia card game, you can visit your music library store or nearby gift shops.

So here, we have top gifts that you could give to any music lover and audiophile that will give your best wishes to them and boost up your relationship with them because everyone likes to be treated well. And here, it is the best. Happy Shopping.


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