Best Guide on Gift Giving


If we are thinking of giving a child a gift maybe come Christmas or New Year’s Eve, there are many factors that we must take into account.

The perfect gift for children, nephews, and anyone who falls within the range of childhood

1- Super Important:

give according to age. And when I say according to age, it is because there are toys from 0, 2, 3, 5, 6 or more years old. Never, never give something that does not fall within the age range, it could be very dangerous for the integrity of the baby/child or it could be kept and not be played with.

2- Remember That Children are Forming Their Tastes and They are Not as Defined.

Today they can love lifelike newborn baby dolls and tomorrow they can go down in history if they fall in love with a new tv or cartoon character. It is better that you give according to what they like now, do not plan to give something for example from My Little Pony, just because last year you liked it. Ask their parents what they like now, even if they like collectible toys, you can help them find the one they need.

3- The Most Expensive or Largest, is Not Exactly What They Want the Most.

As a child I always liked painting, I liked the smell of wax crayon and just as I surely know many children practice a sport or other activity that they are passionate about, there may be children who are passionate about cooking and being great chefs, girls who are passionate about the galaxy and dinosaurs, little ones who enjoy a book or a puzzle more than a doll or an action toy.

The Adults

Giving away to an adult is easier. His tastes have long been defined. We have brands to which we are faithful and we have, for the most part, defined routines that make us consume very specific products.

The key then is to buy for that person and not for one. Not to imagine what different things or particular tastes others might like, but to focus on what that person really uses and likes. From colors to personal imprints, such as hobbies and collections.

Gift certificates can be a safe way out if we know what the person eats in that place. Buying quality products from small local producers is a gift that will have the added bonus of directly helping a family’s economy.

The Beautiful Grandparents

Many times you will hear the phrase from their mouth: “don’t give me anything anymore, I don’t want anything”, but we still want to give them and they have to be given the irresistible gift: from peach cans in syrup, nice hats, to those cookies sugar-free they always want to eat. If you do not already have grandparents, you will surely know of an old people’s home where you will be surprised to hear that they love yogurt or specifically want a hat of a color.

The Couple

So many times we spend too much on all other family members and friends, that ultimately you and your partner remain. You would like to give him that PlayStation or that expensive pair of heels but perhaps it was not enough. But you know, there you have the most valuable, you know it perfectly and you will know how to look for something not very expensive but that fits perfectly and is just what they have always wanted.

The Pet

There it is very easy, every animal loves to eat and eat rich food that is not concentrated. As long as it’s in the right amount, buy her that wet food she loves so much. With great nostalgia, I remember my two dogs that have already crossed to the other side.

Needless to remind you that pets are not gifts, they require a commitment *.

To finish, a warning. DIY, ( do it yourself ) is not for everyone so if you are not “handy” or “crafty”, better leave it to someone else.

And finally and the most hackneyed and yet beautiful of the time. All those good wishes, all those beautiful memories that you have put into your heart and all those moments that are part of the puzzle of happiness, treasure them with photos, with kisses and laughter, because time is not bought.


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