Game of Thrones will be returning to the UK screens soon and we’ll get a chance to see whether the characters have really prepared for a winter that looks set to decimate everything in its path. Luckily in the UK, we don’t have things quite as bad as Westeros, but there are still plenty of things that you should be doing to prepare. We’ve compiled a handy list of janitorial winter products that you should ensure you have in your arsenal for when Jack Frost et al come barrelling over the hill.

What will your premises need?

You need to make sure that your employees are safe getting into work. Make sure that you have a complete supply of salt ready for the car park; Torvil and Dean may have looked lovely ice skating the Bolero, but this won’t be true of any cars that arrive at work before the sun starts to shine. Brown rock salt is the standard choice but you might want to invest in some white salt if you’re looking to maximise the hygiene or aesthetics.

Be sure that any water is cleared up quickly too; if you can identify a patch of ice then be sure to highlight it quickly to warn people. Slips and trips increase drastically over the winter months so being aware of the likely slip points around the building is an absolute necessity. A good idea is to check drainage areas, and for any breaks in the guttering. If there’s a chance that water could pool, then it is likely to form into ice when the temperature goes down low enough. Make sure that you have a ready supply of hazard signs as well as caution cones. Always better to be safe than sorry!

You may also want to invest in some heavy duty and absorbent matting to place near outside doors. This will give staff an opportunity to dry their feet upon arrival and greatly reduce the chance of tripping once they’re inside. It may be a good idea to rotate this matting occasionally and to keep spares. A decent umbrella stand may also be in order to save people dripping their water outside and creating even further trip hazards.

What will your people need?

Now that you’ve seen to the premises, it’s time to think of the people that are coming in. They need to be as prepared for winter as you are. If they aren’t, then they may not be able to make it into work, they may be forced to take time off and this could have a drastic effect on productivity.

You could provide employees with a winter kit, or if this seems like overkill then giving them the advice to make their own.

Ensure that cyclists and pedestrians have their own high-vis jackets. Most cyclists do, but pedestrians often forget. It may also be worth those who drive investing in one to keep in the car in case of emergencies.

Any employee that drives should definitely have access to both de-icer and a scraper. This should help them get the car going in the morning and if the weather is cold enough, they may need it at home time too.

Consider investing in screen-protectors and having an office supply of screen-wash and antifreeze. This should help them ensure their vehicle maintenance is up to scratch and that they won’t be held back too much by cold weather.

As John Snow keeps telling us, winter is definitely coming and so you should ensure that you have a full set of janitorial winter products at your disposal. Don’t be caught off guard.