Choosing a high chair is usually pretty straightforward and most moms don’t spend too much time comparing the various kinds on the market. However, spending a few extra minutes doing some research could result in you finding a new high chair type that makes your life just a little bit easier for a busy mom. With that being said, here are five of the most convenient and feature-rich high chair types that money can buy.

1. Space Savers

You’ll find space savers mentioned in any high chair buyers guide because of their popularity and usefulness. These high chairs are actually just smaller booster seats that can be placed on any conventional chair and strapped down. As the name suggests, the obvious benefit here is that they take up less space while in use, but another perk that often gets overlooked is how easy they are to transport, store, and clean due to their ultra-portability.

2. Modern

There are many different high chair models that can fall under the “modern” category, but generally speaking, they all include advanced features like adjustable height, recline angle, tray height, and footrest height. Many are also rotatable and have a significantly sleeker and more modernistic looking design than conventional high chairs.

3. Convertible

This is an ideal type of high chair for mothers who have kids of varying ages or those who don’t want to have to buy bigger chairs as their child grows. Convertibles have modular designs that can be transformed from typical high chairs into booster seats, toddler chairs, or a larger table/chair setup for bigger kids. This is one of the best kinds of high chairs to buy if you’re trying to be frugal and minimize future purchases.

4. Travel

These high chairs are less popular because they’re somewhat flimsy and thin, the reason being that they’re made out of fabric, but they’re good for camping with kids and on-the-go uses. The main reason why this kind is ideal for traveling is that it can be folded up and stow away in small spaces, for example, the trunk of your car, without requiring any kind of reassembly other than just popping it up into place.

5. Twin/Doubles

This is one of the best kinds to buy if you have siblings that are close or identical in age or size. These are popular with moms who have babies that are only a year or so apart. Another cool thing about double chairs is that they are often made in a table-like design, providing much more surface space than typical high chairs. For this reason, they are good not just for serving meals but also for giving your little ones a place to play with blocks, coloring books, and other tabletop activities.

Choosing a Type that Suits Your Parental Needs

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all high chair that every mom will consider “the best” because your choice will depend on which one you find to be easiest to use within your unique kitchen or dining arrangement.


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