Sun, sea, and sand. What more could you need? Since Summer 2019 is almost at our door, we have gathered a list of luxury destinations guaranteed to be hot this year! And no, we are not just talking temperature-wise! If you need some ideas about where to spend your honeymoon or book a family break, check out some of our suggestions below!

#1: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Mexican East Coast is a point of interest for many people out there for yet another year, and there’s a reason behind it. As opposed to its West Coast counterpart, Cancun, it’s a smaller place and doesn’t have the same popularity for Spring Breakers. You will find it more relaxed and family-friendly. You can walk around the historic center, take your time and absorb everything in small gulps. Let’s not forget, PV is on the coast, so everything you can ask from a beach tourist destination is there to be explored.

Don’t miss the local food. No, seriously. Even if you are not much of a foodie, PV might just change that. They have it all, from tacos to fine dining and anything in between.

#2: Florence, Italy

If the truth is told, Florence is great any time of the year. But, in the summer, there are few places that compete with staying in a luxury villa in this Italian city. Florence has a beautiful blend of history, culture, vineyards & galleries, and stunning architecture. If the typical beach vacation is too mundane for you, we present the perfect alternative. Tuscany, the home region of Florence,  it is a picturesque area on its own merit.

Don’t miss the wine tasting. With vineyards everywhere you look, Tuscan wine is world famous for a reason. You can go on wine tours or check out how the wine is made if you decide to visit one of the many vineyards.

#3 Queenstown, New Zealand

Not so much of a typical summer destination, but we chose this for those of you who want peace and tranquility close to an urban area. Queenstown is situated on the South Island of New Zealand, and it is full of breath-taking landscapes. We chose this location for the adventurous type who enjoy being active. Mountain climbing is popular here as the country is rich in high-peaks and awe-inspiring views. You can mix this activity with cycling or hiking on the Queenstown trail, a path which will take you past some of the most iconic and dreamy scenery around.

Don’t miss any opportunity to experience high adrenaline activities or take on a challenging adventure. From bungee jumping above the city to peaking into the set of Lord of the Rings – Queenstown has it all.

#4 Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

The land of “Pura Vida”, Costa Rica, has become a synonym for an eco-friendly location and has attracted many environmentally-conscious tourists. Make this your escape from the ordinary. Costa Rica is all about living green in close ties with the surrounding environment. With so much land dedicated to parks and wildlife reserves, you can easily mix up your vacation with learning more about the world around you and how to commit to a more eco-conscious lifestyle yourself.

Don’t miss the natural resources. Consider venturing out of your luxury villa for day trips into the surroundings full of nature. Explore beautiful landscapes and unmatched biodiversity. Las Catalinas is perfect for diving, so you can swim with fish and discover some of the underwater species as well.

#5 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Apart from boosting its image after becoming the movie set for the popular TV show Game of Thrones, Croatia has a lot to offer the luxury-loving tourist. Dubrovnik is often referred to as the “Perla of the Adriatic.” With its impressive copper-colored architecture and historical jewels, it’s a hotspot for history fans. It has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine, wine, and outstanding views. It stays nice and warm, even throughout the autumn months, making it a great place to visit after the summer has gone. It’s a bold and vibrant destination enclosed in centuries-old City Walls that has a strong sense of personality.

Don’t miss getting a birds-eye view of the city by jumping on the Cablecar and enjoying the stunning sights from above.

Can’t wait for the summer to come after reading this list? We totally get it! Start planning your dream escape now and get ready to create some extraordinary memories!


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