Best Makeup Brands


The cosmetics industry is a highly profitable and fast growing market that pulls in over 62 billion dollars US annually. While most brands of makeup are controlled by a small group of companies, those brands range vastly in price, quality and appeal. Finding which brands work best for you can seem like a vast undertaking with the multitude of options, but there are a few brands that have distinguished themselves above the rest. These brands are known for their quality, vast colour palettes and cultures and this is what has landed them on our list of 5 best makeup brands.


Francois Nars was a French makeup artist who was disappointed with the tools offered to him, so in 1994 he launched a line of lipsticks sold at Barney’s New York. This was the birthplace of NARS Makeup.

Acquired by Shiseido Cosmetics in 2002, NARS makeup offers a comprehensive range of cosmetics that comprise the entire range of classic neutrals with fun shades that pop out from each line.

NARS is also known for having some great cult favourites. Their highlighter and blush hybrid known by the daring moniker ‘Orgasm’ is an absolute bestseller that is often found in the kits of most makeup artists. This line has since been expanded to encompass a lipstick, a multi-stick, a nailpolish and a lipgloss.


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