Massage chairs are innovative chairs that are designed to offer massage therapy to users. If before, massage therapy can only be offered by people, massage chairs nowadays offer readily available and high tech solution to your massage therapy needs.

What are the Benefits of Massage Chairs?

  • Stress-Relief. Every day, you are exposed to stress not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Massage chairs offer stress-relief through relaxation without you, having to go somewhere just to unwind.
  • Muscle Tension Relief. When you have been overworking your body, you’ll feel that your muscles are becoming stiff and tensed. This makes your body less flexible, especially if you are stuck with the same position every day. Massage chairs can help release muscle tension, so even if you are not doing actual stretching and exercise, you still feel flexible.
  • Pain Alleviation. If you are not doing something about your muscle stiffness, it usually causes back pain, neck pain and even leg and arm pain. Once your body is stimulated through massage chair and blood flow becomes smooth again, pain will eventually subside and you will feel better again.

Now, with the many brands of massage chairs nowadays, it can be confusing to choose which one is for you. This is why, here are 5 unbiased reviews of the best massage chairs to help you make a wise buying decision.


Osaki OS-4000This is the most innovative and sophisticated massage chair in the market.

  • It uses an airbag technology for full body massage sessions. This technology makes you feel like real hands are actually doing the massage.
  • It features a computer scan technology wherein before the massage, it will scan your body to find out what type of massage is suitable for you.
  • It also applies heat therapy and this is what restores the smooth flow of blood in your body.
  • It has an “S” tack design made to follow the shape of your spine, giving you comfort and relaxation as your posture is protected.
  • It is a really heavy and bulky equipment. It takes up too much space in your home and it can be a challenge to transfer it from one corner to another.
  • It features intense massage sessions. Therefore, it is only good for those who want deep tissue massage. It is strictly not for the youth.


INADA SOGNO DREAMWAVEThis massage chair is the most advance and highly rated in the market. This is why it is also the most expensive.

  • It has 8 massage therapy programs and 4 well-being programs. You can be sure your health and massage needs are addressed.
  • It also has a sensor scan that functions before the session to pick the right massage suited for you.
  • It also does a full body massage.
  • It is also heavy and bulky.
  • It focuses more on gentler massages, which is why it is not for those seeking for deep tissue massage.


HUMAN TOUCH iJOY 2580This massage chair boasts about comfort at a reasonable price because it is known as the most comfortable and budget-friendly massage chair in the market.

  • You have the option to choose from among the 3 auto massage programs that caters to your specific massage therapy need.
  • It is a reclining massage chair with just a touch of a button for your total comfort.
  • It comes with a built-in power outlet and a cup holder for your convenience.
  • It is not that big so it can save space in your room.
  • It does not offer leg massage.


RELAXON ZERO GRAVITY SHIATSUThis is a popular massage chair for personal and business use because eof its quality and affordability.

  • It features and ergonomic design that will give you comfort and total relaxation.
  • It has 5 programs for your varied massage needs.
  • It features carbon fiber heating pads for more efficiency.
  • Shoulder height can be adjusted according to your comfort and convenience.
  • For those looking for foot rollers for foot massages, this has none.
  • This chair takes up a lot of space.


BESTMASSAGE EC-06CFor those who want outstanding massage chair features without spending much, this is the best bet.

  • It provides shiatsu results like muscle relaxation, fatigue reduction, and mind and boy rejuvenation.
  • Leg massages are great at improving the posture, mobility and flexibility of the legs.
  • You can choose varied levels of intensity.
  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • It is ergonomic, following the contour of your boy and spine for comfort.
  • It features a heat intelligent roller system for therapeutic warmth and more efficacy in making your body feel relaxed and revived.
  • It’s not as popular so it may be difficult to get people to fix it or help you with it if you have issues.
  • It is also a heavy chair.
  • It has no adjustments for height. You’ll have to be lucky to have a body size that fits perfectly with it.

Overall, massage chairs are great investments for your health and relaxation in a world where stress is constant. Just weight your options, get to know your needs and priorities so you can find the massage chair that’s right for you.

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