The internet has become a vast digital expanse brimming with memorial cards – paper, plastic wood and metal. This all-encompassing space can often make it confusing when it comes to choosing the right memorial keepsake. Many people find navigating the landscape a nightmare, but we’ve decided to drill down into each card type, outline the facts and help you make a decision as to which is best for you.

Memorial Cards or Remembrance Cards are personalised cards that are used as a tribute following the loss of a loved one. Memorial cards are a lasting keepsake that honours the memory of somebody close. Many people choose to use memorial cards as an ornament while others prefer to keep them close at hand – in a wallet or in the card.

Memorial cards come in many shapes, sizes and materials. It can sometimes be confusing trying to pick the perfect tribute, so, we’ve picked five of the best, unique designs that are sure to give you some inspiration when attempting to create a memorial card.  


This design is from  This company specialises in plastic memorial cards. The benefits of these cards lie in their added durability, high-definition print quality and the satisfaction of simple placement within a wallet.  The company focuses solely on plastic memorial cards and offers several templates or the ability to create your own.


Sometimes original is best, traditionally memorial cards have been made from paper or cardboard material. Many people still opt for paper due to its customisability and its cost-effectiveness. A good card is defined by its design and we love this flowing simplistic design from Of course, paper memorial cards have the inherent problem of durability, they can be very easily damaged, torn or otherwise marred.

 Cakejournal has a huge variety of card templates that is sure to have something suitable for all tastes


Advances in technology have allowed for greater freedom in customising various materials for memorial cards.

A popular choice is laser engraving – this can be done on metallic or wooden surfaces. This gives a very sleek, clean finish. Many people find this type of printing a little impersonal, but conversely, others find the minimalist look very appealing. The caveat with laser engraving is that it tends to be much more expensive than traditional printing.    

Laser engraving is usually done by specialist engraving or metalworking companies and not metal card producers as such. This is partly why it’s so expensive as it’s usually an isolated request when a metalwork company produces these cards.


Some memorial card providers offer completely customised solutions that can incorporate a number of themes, materials and designs. We found this amazing design at This design embodies creativity and is certainly one of a kind. Using a combination of cardboard, plastic and metallic brooches, this memorial tribute is a creative masterpiece. The problem with designs like these is they are usually prohibitively expensive.


Wooden memorial cards make a stunningly unique tribute. The close association between the uniqueness of each individual and the unique texture of each piece of wood adds a comforting sentimental touch.  These cards have stunning aesthetics and unique character that you can only get with this material.

Wooden cards, however, can be expensive to produce when compared to plastic or paper.

So, as you can see, the boundaries for creativity have been pushed dramatically in recent years. People are discovering ever more unique ways to create the perfect memorial card and this is enhanced greatly by advances in technology. Whatever you decided to choose, we hope you draw some inspiration from these designs and create something truly special.


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