When it gets far too hectic in life, you need a pause button. But that doesn’t mean things have to get stagnant. No matter how stressed you are from the constant hassles of real life, your smartphone’s one thing you’ll always have by your side. So why not use it to chill a bit and find your Zen. Here are a few minimalistic games that aren’t at all overwhelming but easy-going and great stress relief:

1. Color Switch

This is a globally popular game and an absolute addiction, of course, the good one. It comprises a ball that shows a particular color, and you’ve to help it pass through that part of an object, which is also similar to the ball’s color. There are multiple modes and challenges, and if you fail, the ball bursts, and you’ve to try the game again.

2. Nonogram.com

This is another minimalistic griddler mobile game that’s perfect if you’re looking to kill some time. This griddlers are therapeutic and require you to fill in the cells of a grid based on the provided numerical clues. The gameplay is easy on your eyes and mind, but the levels are pretty challenging. The gameplay of this griddler puzzle feels relatable – you got to decode a mystery and reveal the hidden rewards. So try it to believe it!

3. Duet

It’s an award-winning game known for its thrilling background score and an oh-so-appealing design. Two different color balls are placed on opposite sides of an invisible ring. So when the ring moves, you’ve to position the balls, so they don’t hit the obstacles. The levels are certainly challenging but keep your stress away.

4. Prune

This game takes you back in nature. If you’re feeling stuck and anxious during the coronavirus lockdown, you’ll love playing Prune. It has gorgeous visuals and is super relaxing if you want to take a break from your busy work-from-home schedule. It helps you cut out the things that don’t seem to work, much like life. 

5. Kami 2

If you’ve ever tried or love origami, we’re sure you’ll love this one too. The game simply asks you to fold papers in not pretty shapes like origami but different patterns. The end result must be a single block of different patterns but in as few moves as you can. The levels get complex, but never will they frustrate you. So why not give this puzzle game a try and find some peace.

All these games are unique and are perfect even for that 5-minute quick break. You’ll enjoy playing Griddlers, Kami, and of course, Color Switch – these are all world-famous. Try them out and tell us which one’s your favorite.

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