Unless you live under a rock with no connection to the world outside, there is not a chance that you do not use the internet at your home. Most of us think that as long as we have a high-speed internet service we are good to go. However, having the correct kind of modem and router for your internet connection is equally crucial when it is the question of internet speed and strength throughout the building. A good modem and router together provide perfect infrastructure for seamless internet connectivity at all times.

When they say ‘Hybrid’, we say yes! This is a day and age of hybrid-everything, be it airplane engines to the refrigerator in our homes, the technology is evolving consistently and of course merging two of the better things brings out only the best. When it comes to cable internet, a modem in particular, is your gateway to internet connection while router ensures wireless internet connectivity in your vicinity. The benefits are mesmerizing if we get to have the best of both worlds in one. Well, a modem router combo is there to save you from that undesirable clutter, for one.

Most ISPs like spectrum internet provide a free modem/router with each internet subscription, however, you have to pay some amount in the name of modem/router rental or service fee every month. Therefore, some users consider it better to invest in a router/modem of their own liking once and for all.  So, they don’t have to care about the monthly pain that comes with the additional rental fee. 

Some points to tick off while considering a cable modem router:

There are two main reasons why one chooses to invest in their own router/modem combo. Either you wish to get rid of all that clutter by merging two devices into one, or the other, more common one is to ease yourself from the burden of that monthly router rental fee.

Since a router can be the best of all but it is of no use if it isn’t compatible with the provider of your choice. Most manufacturers endorse the products compatible with certain ISP technology, making it easier for you to focus on features that are more important. Here are some of them:

Supported Downstream Speed: Internet speed is one of the crucial factors that we consider before subscribing to a plan. Similarly, the speed bracket is equally crucial when it comes to choosing a wifi modem router. For example, you have subscribed to a gigabit plan, and are getting the promised speed. In this case, you might want to ensure that the router/modem device is capable of handling such speeds. Since if you skip this bit and go for a router modem combo that cannot support your subscribed speed of internet then there is no use for you investing heftily in those premium tier internet plans.

Up-to-Date Security Standards: Change and development is the only thing constant with effective security standards. They are meant to keep growing and strengthening. Similarly the latest and most developed ones are DOCSIS 3.0 modem router and DOCSIS 3.1 modem router technologies. Opting for a modem or router with any of these technologies is bound to offer you all the security from hackers that your household or work might need.

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Wi-Fi Performance Specifications:

There are two things while checking for Wi-Fi performance standards; one that need to keep an open eye to and perhaps the other one that you can afford to ignore. The first ones are a few crucial numbers that are going to make your choice easier and more reliable. Back in 2009-2012, two of the Wi-Fi standards were heavily popularized, “802.11ac” and “802.11n”.

Both of them had the ability to support dual band Wi-Fi connections on both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. This 2.4 Ghz frequency could go through the walls staying good for fairly long distance, however it offered just 11 channels. 5.0 GHz on the other hand offered a whopping 23 channels with lightning fast connectivity however; it didn’t have as good of a range as 2.4 GHz did. Therefore, when you go out there to buy a router and modem in one then you might need to pay attention to these numbers closely.

A Brief Roundup of top routers:

Here is a list of top modem router combinations you can get your hands on this year:

Modem ROuter Combo Approx. PriceCompatible with speeds up toSupporting Providers
NetGear OrbiOverall Best~$120 – $370200 Mbps – 2000 Mbps
Netgear n600  Budget Buy~$72 – $128Up to 340 Mbps
Motorola MG7700  Great Design~$99 – $149Up to 1000 Mbps
Netgear C6250  Perfect for  streaming~$119Up to 300 MbpsSpectrum, Cox, Xfinity, frontier,  CenturyLink and more  
NetGear Nighthawk C7000  Fit for Gamers~$200Up to 2000 Mbps
Netgear C6300Ideal for larger spaces~$90 – $200Up to 680 Mbps
TP-Link Archer CR700Easy Customization~$90Up to 1750 Mbps

In short, make sure you tick off the aforementioned points on the list to ensure a good one-time investment in your modem router combo.


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