A basic office is never interesting and that can even keep your employees distracted which would not be good for your company of business to be specific. When it comes to office décor, the first thing that strikes our mind is the office wall and people are mostly very specific with wall appearance so most of the time people go for basic walls that never succeed to impress people. You would be amazed to know that an interesting wall setup can do a lot to the overall look of the house which is a great thing for sure. If you are not sure about the wall decoration as such and wondering about some office wall design to be specific then here are some of the best Office Wall Design Ideas that you need to check out and at the same time you can, of course, try these designs as well:

Exposed walls:

Exposed walls are the best way to give your office that industrial touch and this is in trend nowadays which is a great thing for sure. This is an easy way to make your office wall look unique as well as innovative and here you would literally have to do nothing as much. The walls would be exposed which means that there would be no paint of the wall and nothing would be there except brick and cement. This looks raw and would give your office a dramatic look which is a great thing for sure and if you are into industrial décor then you can definitely get this wall done in your office. This kind of wall is so dramatic that often people use this as a picture background and so this wall design would be loved by your employee as well.

Wall of history:

Wall of history

This is a nice way to let people know about the office as well as its past life and the best thing is that this décor would keep your office very unique and since every office have their own story to tell so this décor seems different in different offices. It is simple but for this, you would have to collect some old picture memories of your office or achievement records of your office employees. You would have to get all the pictures in black and white format and the walls should be in any muted color so the pictures would pop up when you would paste it in the wall. This is easy to work with and new employees would get a fair idea or how the office was and how it developed through all these pictures so even they would be able to connect with the office well.

Classy dark wall:

Classy dark wall

If you want your wall itself to be very bold and dramatic then do not settle with basic as well as usual colors rather get your hands in some bold as well as dark-colored paint. This would not only make your office look different but at the same time, it would also make your office appear very classy and sleek. This would create a much needed professional vibe which is great for working. Here you can literally go with colors like black, navy blue or even dark berry color would look amazing. You can keep the ceiling as well as the floor in white of light color so that the room appears contrasting and beautiful. This would not require any such effort; it is just that you would have to get your office walls painted in any dark color that’s it.

A book library or file holder on the walls of your office:

book library

Is your office room very compact that you hardly get space to keep a drawer or cabinet on the floor? Well, worry not as this wall design décor would solve your space problem and this would also make your office look beautiful and unique at the same time. Here you would have to get some shelves installed on the walls so that you can keep your files arranged there and you can even have a glass cover so that dust could not settle on those files and in this way your files and other documents would be arranged and you would be able to find your files easily whenever needed. This also helps in saving some space in your office since you would not have to keep a cupboard of anything of that sort for keeping all those essentials.

Whitewall with self designs:

Nothing can beat the class as well as the elegance of a white wall and if you are more into soft as well as elegant decors then this would definitely please you. here the walls would be all in classic white color and there would design done on the walls with cream color and you can get the design shinny so whenever lights would fall on those designs then it would reflect back the lights. This looks so classy and the best thing is that this wall décor would help in keeping your office room bright.

Floral wallpaper for your office:

Floral wallpaper

If you genuinely want to make your office room look beautiful then you can get this wallpaper on and this would instantly make your office look gorgeous. This would not even cost you a bomb as wallpapers are cheaper than paints and also they are easy to install at the same time.

These were some of the best office wall design ideas that you need to check out and to know more you can keep eyes on Architecturesideas.


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