Some will say offline marketing is taking a big hit during the pandemic, and they’ll be right – to a degree. Obviously, only the very brave would dare hand out brochures and business cards or attend one of the few uncanceled trade shows at a time like this. Yet, these are far from the limits of offline marketing. If you’re interested in a sustainable business, your marketing strategy should be a blend of clever online and offline approaches.

A crisis is the best time to invest in offline marketing, paradoxical as it may seem. More people are online than ever and you’re facing some stiff competition trying to grab audiences’ attention on the internet. Here’s what you should be doing instead. 

SMS Marketing is Here to Stay

Being a relatively modern method, SMS marketing is normally not associated with offline marketing at all. In fact, reaching people this way is a viable alternative to email and social media. A person is more likely to read a text message than a social media post because it’s more personal. Through permitted SMS marketing, you can tell your customers about your latest products, special events, or anything else that might be of interest to them.

Use Holidays to Connect With Customers

People love nothing more than celebrating holidays. There’s always at least one coming up – Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas and New Year’s. No matter what is going on in the world, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Seasonal cards and SMS greetings create meaningful engagement between the recipient and the giver. Make no mistake – people appreciate getting them as much as ever.

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Attract Hungry Patrons With an Outdoor Menu

An outdoor menu emits warm, friendly light. In chilly weather, you will notice one from miles away. At a time of crisis, it’s something people need to see. It gives them hope. In the midst of the pandemic, sit-down restaurants may be closed, but to-go places are not. If you’re struggling, put a warm, welcoming menu up above your counter. Feature top offerings in bright, yet soothing colors like yellow, red, and orange.  

Neon Signs are a Classic 

In these times of trouble, we’re starting to miss the familiarity of a classic neon Open sign. Get a neon sign to put near your location’s entrance because you’ll need it before long. Like an outdoor menu, it’s a blast from the past people need to see and are naturally drawn to, and they will be back on the street soon.

Press Releases are a Genius Investment

While a well-written press release won’t come cheap, it will pay itself off by spreading the word about your service, product, or company. Press releases spark curiosity and provide companies with shareable content. Yours doesn’t have to be fancy at all. All it needs to include is the name of your company, website, contact details, and some news. 

Direct Mail is Personalized

A lot of customers appreciate receiving this personalized form of communication. There is an increasing number of prospective buyers who prefer direct mail to most forms of online marketing.

Increase Visibility with Print Publications 

If you manage to obtain placements in leading editions, you will augment your brand’s visibility and showcase your expertise. Print prospects should always be included in your blogger outreach approach. Do consider your options wisely because print ads can be much costlier than online ads. Ideally, you should position print advertisements in popular, widely read editions to make sure your ad is seen by the right people. 

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Offer Phone Consultations

Phone consultations are a direct connection between the seller and the customer. By offering this option, you’re letting potential customers experience your product or service in an unswerving manner. A live (online) demo or phone consultation can give someone the extra push they need to choose your particular offering.

Warm Calls: A Personal Touch

Sustainable businesses have always relied on warm calls to deliver results. A “warm” call is a call to a person who has been exposed to your product or service in the past, usually through social media and other digital channels. Some firms use warm calls to make their expertise appear more tangible by offering valuable content to a potential buyer.

Branded Merchandise is Still Effective

The most successful brands are those people identify with. If your customer relates to your brand, they will want to wear your branded merchandise. This can include a T-shirt, a cap, or a scarf. Mugs and pens are options too. Why not mail some merchandise to remind loyal customers of your brand? It’s also an approach to make people aware of your business.

Don’t hesitate to sell branded goods. People will buy them to show their support for your company. As you give online marketing a break, work on funny or quirky slogans and a visually appealing design. Your merchandise will be even better appreciated.

Appealing Product Packaging

Don’t underestimate the importance of appealing product packaging, especially if your product is similar to ones your competitors make. People tend to keep unusual boxes or bags at home. They serve as a constant reminder of a company or brand product they purchased. So, you’re maintaining a relationship beyond the original sale.

What is more, other people are likely to notice visually appealing packaging. They will remember someone carrying the box or bag and perhaps your business’ logo on it. It will provoke interest if it’s attractive in some way.

Rent a Billboard

Putting up billboards in high traffic areas has worked for merchants for many decades. Of course, “high traffic” has a different meaning in times like these, but the principle remains valid. Everyone will see your brand, product, company name, and key contact information on a well-positioned billboard.

Offline marketing remains a fantastic way to supplement and improve your online strategies even in times of crisis. We may be spending more time online than ever but sooner or later, customers will return to the real world.