Guangdong Sihui Instruments Works Co., Ltd is the company behind one of the best indoor current transformer on the market. The 35kv current transformer is one of their ultimate products. This company is famous for its high-quality outdoor and indoor current transformers, which are sold both in China and in other countries all over the world. In particular, its indoor current transformers have always been able to keep up with the clients’ expectations. The 35kv current transformer has been used in some key development projects. Due to its great contributions, this type of transformers continues to gain ground for several applications. In this article, we will take you through all you need to know about this product.


The 35kv current transformer from Guangdong Sihui can be used both indoor and outdoor. It can be custom-made to suit the client’s needs. The Guangdong Sihui indoor and outdoor current transformers have high voltage, which means that they have a great capacity. They can be used to power up high-end projects like airports and Olympic stadiums. They are manufactured to match the switchgear which has maximum voltage.

The Guangdong Sihui indoor and outdoor transformers come in different sizes and shapes. We would recommend selecting one that would cater to all your needs. This way, if you needed a big-sized one, your outdoor space would factor in. A small-sized one would maximize the limited space that you have. That is why you should consider the available space before buying your next indoor or outdoor current transformer.

The 35kV current transformer is designed based on the highest safety and health standards. This is the major reason why it does not pollute the environment. Guangdong Sihui made an excellent decision to manufacture an eco-friendly current transformer. This means that they care for your health as a direct consumer of this product.

Moving on, the insulation materials are also outstanding. In particular, epoxy resin is used as the casting material. This means that when you use the 35kv current transformer, it will last for a long time. The parts are glued well to make sure that you won’t need to call the maintenance experts. We like the fact that the epoxy resin will protect the current transformer.

It has a stainless steel aluminum case that makes the current transformer more durable. You basically won’t have to replace it so often.


You can benefit a lot from owning a 35kv current transformer benefit. To begin with, this type of indoor current transformer is flame retardant. Instead of oil, it uses the latest protective technology. It means that when you decide to install it, it will not catch fire easily. This way you will be safe and secure when using the transformer.

The 35kv current transformer has great insulation capacity, which makes it easy to install. In particular, the epoxy resin ensures that the transformer remains place. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any possible malfunction.

The company makes authentic products that are advantageous. You know you can rely on them because they have the best products and the highest service. As part of the package, the secondary winding is also protected. This means that their durability is guaranteed. There are enclosures that make the current transformer complete. These indoor and outdoor current transformers come from a reputable company that we all can trust. To top it up, Guangdong Sihui is ISO-certified hence, so the quality of its products is assured.

Another benefit that you can reap from the 35kv current transformer is the safety that it offers. You don’t have to think about any pollutants. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you can rest assured of its utmost security and safety. Guangdong Sihui even received the KEMA certification, which proves that they are really safety compliant.

Regarding performance, we can definitely say that this model works very well. The Guangdong Sihui 35kv current transformer is extremely efficient and can help you to save a lot of energy. That translates to less expensive electricity bills. You can relax knowing that your outdoor or indoor current transform will not give you inaccurate readings.

Bottom Line

A 35kv current transformer gives you the ultimate performance with a whole series of other benefits. This means that you will end up having a durable and active transformer. When you need to read your meter, you will get an accurate measurement. The current transformer you can get from Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Works will guarantee the best results and maximum safety. There are no maintenance costs associated with the Guangdong Sihui outdoor and indoor current transformers, due to the world-class standards that are followed during their production process. Besides, a plastic film is applied to each of their products to reduce the risk of damages during transportation. So with Guangdong Sihui, quality is more than assured!

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