Best Places to Buy and Sell Second-Hand Furniture in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong? Or are you seeking to move from one part of the city to another? Moving from one place to another may mean you need to make some changes. Sometimes, you need to dispose of your old furniture, and sometimes you’ll need to buy more. Other times, there isn’t enough money to get brand-new furniture, and you may have to settle for second-hand ones. Did you know that buying and selling second-hand furniture in Hong Kong is a lot easier than you could have imagined? Below is a list of places to buy, sell or even exchange second-hand furniture.


This online platform has everything you need on one website. Since oGreen is an eco-friendly site, it means that their furniture is mostly upcycled and green. From kitchen cabinets to bookcases, workspace cabinets, couches, bed frames, display cabinets, and other furniture for children of all ages, you can rest assured that you’ve found the right place for your needs.


Just like the name implies, Second Chance allows every piece of furniture to get another shot at being rehomed. This retail store, which ranks as the largest second-hand stores in Hong Kong, was created by a couple who love to see people get their hands on high-quality items for low prices. Their rich collection of furniture includes items in good condition from stores such as Tequila Kola, TREE, and Indigo.

The good news is that they also buy furniture at great prices. All you need to do is send them an email indicating the items you want to sell, attach a clear photo matching the description, and wait for your cash quote. Pickups can ever occur within a few hours after you agree to a deal. Second Chance is a very hand store to get to know. Plus, it’s an absolute pleasure to view the items they have in their warehouses.


Asiaxpat is an online store that’s very popular in Hong Kong. This website runs classified ads for people selling items they no longer need. It’s a website that matches furniture owners seeking to sell their items furniture with those willing to buy at subsidized rates. The website is easy to operate from anywhere in the region. All you have to do is register on the website, add your own classified ad for your furniture, and wait for inquiries to come in. Your second-hand items will be sought after by those who need them in no time. Besides, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the collection of your furniture. The buyers will arrange their own pickup. Your only job is to ensure that someone is at home for the pickup. 

There are plenty of other items that can be sold on this website as long as they are second-hand. Boats, properties, and even you can buy second hand cars at amazingly low prices. Simply put, this website will allow you to buy and sell second-hand items with ease and convenience. 


This store’s core value is to ensure that people learn that they can recycle old pieces of furniture without having to worry about how to dispose of them. Happyshop started off as a network of people working together to make the world free from environmental degradation while still maintaining a grip on the uniqueness of household items. They help to promote a culture of responsibility to the welfare of the earth and discourage wastage. After all, recycling furniture helps to curb the effects of global warming.

The company also offers services like delivery of furniture, assembling pieces, and restoring furniture to its best state. So, when you buy old pieces of furniture, you are also getting value for your money.


This company can hand paint old furniture and turn them into centerpieces of a home. They treat furniture with so much love and care that you will not recognize your old pieces anymore. They can help you customize your pieces with any design of your choosing. If you have an old piece of furniture you no longer want, consider using Upcycle to spruce it up. What’s more, Upcycle will donate $50 to Hong Kong Dog Rescue with each sale. 


This company was inspired by pin-lin “Lu,” which means “path” and “Mén,” which means “door”. The company offers you a door to Far East influences. The company sells an array of upcycled pieces of old furniture, providing a rich blend of vintage décor, furniture pieces, and textiles.

Lumeun will inject glamour into old pieces of furniture. Much of their furniture is renovated from old wood, rattan, and bamboo. The company also works with local artisans and small ateliers to give you the best of everything reusable. Their mission is to create a community of home decor lovers who respect cultural heritage. 

Final Words

There are other companies that offer you second-hand furniture at affordable and standard rates all over Hong Kong. It depends largely on your style, taste, and budget. Oftentimes, it also has to do with the location of your apartment. In Hong Kong, you can always expect to have numerous options when it comes to buying and selling second-hand pieces of furniture. 

When purchasing second-hand goods in Hong Kong, you can expect to have plenty of options, to spend less money, and to save the planet; one purchase at a time.  


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