Top 5 Best Places to Travel for Pickleball with Your Group

Are you and your pickleball group ready to hit the courts while exploring some of the world’s most exciting destinations for the best pickleball vacation? Combining travel with pickleball offers a unique way to bond with your group, improve your game, and immerse yourself in new cultures. Here are the top five destinations perfect for a pickleball group trip, including Jamaica, Spain, cruises, and various hotspots in Europe.

1. Pickleball In Jamaica: Paradise with a Pickleball Twist

Jamaica is not just about pristine beaches and reggae music; it’s also becoming a popular destination for pickleball enthusiasts. With its warm climate and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect place for your group to enjoy both the sport and the island’s vibrant culture. Nothing beats Bahamas Pickleball!

Top Spots to Play:

Ocho Rios: Resorts here offer well-maintained pickleball courts along with stunning views and luxurious amenities.

Montego Bay: Known for its bustling vibe, Montego Bay has several resorts and clubs where you can play pickleball and then relax on beautiful beaches.

Things to Do:

– Climb Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios.

– Explore the Hip Strip in Montego Bay for shopping and nightlife.

– Experience local culture at a reggae concert or at the Bob Marley Museum.

 2. Spain: A Mediterranean Pickleball Haven

Spain’s rich history, diverse landscapes, and passionate sports culture make it an ideal destination for pickleball players. The country’s excellent weather and abundance of courts ensure you’ll have a fantastic playing experience.

Top Spots to Play:

Barcelona: Enjoy playing pickleball in this cosmopolitan city known for its architecture and vibrant arts scene.

Costa del Sol: This region boasts beautiful coastal towns with numerous sports clubs that cater to pickleball enthusiasts.

Things to Do:

– Tour the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell in Barcelona.

– Relax on the beaches of Marbella in Costa del Sol.

– Savor local tapas and visit historical sites like the Alhambra in Granada.

 3. Pickleball Cruises: Play and Sail the Seas

Combining a cruise with pickleball is an excellent way to see multiple destinations while keeping up with your game. Many cruises now feature dedicated pickleball courts, providing an all-inclusive experience that mixes leisure with sport.

Top Cruises:

– Caribbean Cruises: Explore islands like Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico, all while enjoying pickleball on board.

– Mediterranean Cruises: Sail around stunning European coastlines, stopping at ports in Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Things to Do:

– Participate in organized onboard pickleball tournaments.

– Enjoy excursions at each port, from snorkeling in the Caribbean to exploring ancient ruins in Greece.

 4. Europe: A Continental Adventure

Pickleball in Europe offers a plethora of destinations where pickleball is growing in popularity. Traveling through Europe with your group allows you to experience diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Top Spots to Play:

– Italy: Cities like Rome and Florence offer both historical sightseeing and modern sports facilities.

– Portugal: The Algarve region is known for its excellent weather and coastal beauty, perfect for outdoor pickleball.

Things to Do:

– Visit the Colosseum and Vatican in Rome.

– Explore the stunning beaches and cliffs in the Algarve.

– Enjoy local cuisine and wine tasting tours.

 5. The United States: Home-Grown Pickleball Hotspots

For those looking to stay closer to home, the United States offers fantastic pickleball destinations with top-notch facilities and vibrant communities.

Top Spots to Play:

– Naples, Florida: Often dubbed the “Pickleball Capital of the World,” Naples hosts numerous tournaments and has a vast array of courts.

– Palm Springs, California: Known for its beautiful desert scenery and luxurious resorts, Palm Springs is a great place for a pickleball getaway.

Things to Do:

– Enjoy the beaches and Everglades in Florida.

– Explore the Joshua Tree National Park and local art scene in Palm Springs.

– Participate in pickleball clinics and workshops to enhance your skills.

 Plan Your Perfect Pickleball Group Trip Today

Traveling for pickleball is an incredible way to see the world, improve your game, and create lasting memories with your group. Whether you choose the tropical allure of Jamaica, the cultural richness of Spain, the luxury of a cruise, the diversity of Europe, or the familiar comforts of the United States, each destination offers unique experiences both on and off the court.


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