Best Places to Visit in Calgary


Visiting Cowtown on Canada’s western coast? This booming oil town has it all for visiting tourists, from trendy nightlife to rugged outback and little bit of everything in between. We’ve compiled the top five things to do in Calgary.

2The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains calgary jpg

After all that fried food at the stampede, you may feel the need for some fresh air. Calgary’s urban greenery is nothing compared to the glorious Rocky Mountains that sit at its door. This major mountain range stretches from British Columbia to New Mexico. Skiing, hiking, rock climbing and camping await you in these billion year old mountains and many of towns along the way are famous in their own regard. In Banff National Park, the lakes will stun you with their abnormally blue water, which is caused by silt-like rock flour that is continually carried into the lakes by melting glaciers. Head west on the Trans-Canada highway, you can’t miss them.

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