10 Best Places to Visit this Summer


Summer is finally upon us and your feet are itching to hit the road! We’ve got a great list of amazing places you should try your hand at visiting (and all are super friendly and accessible to American and Canadian tourists!) If you like the vibe and energy of big cities or the laid-back vibe of quiet beaches, if you’re looking for wild parties or lifestyles of the rich and famous, this list has it all. Read on to find out some of the 10 Best Places for Canadians and Americans to Visit this summer!

9Las Vegas – Nevada, USA

Las Vegas Nevada USA

The bright lights of Vegas are an unforgettable experience, let alone the other sights! Las Vegas is the city of sin and a great party destination for summer. Hot during the day to take advantage of the pool parties and cool enough at night to walk around the strip. Las Vegas is a true tourist’s paradise where you can really let loose!

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