Photographs are memories. Photos allow you to save a piece of your memories in the form of a picture. Clicking pictures may be fun, but a quality camera doesn’t come cheap. And they are bulk too. How often can you see yourself carrying around a heavy camera? One might think that using a phone camera is a good option. But the phone’s camera is not as good as a professional camera. It does the job, but the results are not satisfactory. 

To solve this problem, we have pocket cameras. These are extremely popular because of their convenient size and professional performance. Compact cameras have solved the problem of carrying weighty appliances. Just put your camera in your pocket and seize every moment that you want to. There are many models available which you can easily access. Each of them is good in their specific fields. But we are in search of the best. And here are the top listed pocket cameras.

Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X100F is the best pocket camera for a learning photographer. If photography is more than just a hobby for you, but you don’t want to invest in a professional camera at this moment, you should go for this camera.

X100F has some attractive features like APS-C CMOS Sensor, 23mm lens and a 3-inch monitor. Besides this, X100F has a hybrid viewfinder, which adds to the existing list of amazing features.

Camera has a bulky body which contraindicates the ideas of pocket cameras, but that is the only drawback of X100F. Fujifilm has managed to combine all the useful features of its previous models and came up with this camera. This camera clicks amazing pictures with bright colors and has a distinctive noise minimizing mechanism. As a result, you get eye-pleasing images. Another great thing about this camera is the hybrid electrical/optical viewfinder.

A price of $889 on Amazon, Fujifilm is a catch. It can’t get any cheaper.

Panasonic Lumix ZS200/TZ200

Panasonic Lumix

Lumix meets travel needs. It is suitable for motion pictures and is the best camera for travel bloggers.

Lumix has a sensor of 1-inch type, lens 25-360mm, f/3.3-6.4 and a 3-inch touchscreen monitor. Unlike Fujifilm X100F, Panasonic Lumix has a viewfinder of EVF type. Panasonic Lumix allows you to zoom in for over 15 times. Panasonic has revolutionized the genre of travel zoon cameras. These cameras provide you with incredible zoom. Panasonic also allows you to record videos in 4K videos and the touchscreen interface is incredible.

You are into travel photography; this is the best device for you.

Insta360 Go

Insta360 Go

Insta360 Go action camera is a small and convenient 360⁰ camera device especially designed to relieve you of the burden of carrying large bulky cameras. Insta360 Go is known to be the smallest image capturing and video recording device available in the market.

And being a power packed compact device isn’t the only thing special about Insta360 Go. This tiny device comes with a lot of surprises. You can read in detail about this amazing pocket camera at 10kreview.

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV

Sony Cyber-shot

brings you a camera that offers an unbelievable focal range. This camera has a 1-inch sensor (CMOS, 20.2MP), a lens of 24-600mm, f/2.4-4 and a touchscreen tilt- angle monitor. Sony Cyber also has a viewfinder of EVF type.

The best thing about Sony Cyber-shot is the extraordinary sensor this device has and the excellent quality zoom lens. Because of all these fantastic features, Sony Cyber-shot is a little expensive compared to the rest ($1200 on Amazon). But this is just a little dent compared to the unbelievable photos it delivers.

These are some of the best pocket cameras. They are small, yet have all the features of professional cameras. The best thing about these cameras is the portability and requirement of less maintenance. 

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