If you are looking for extreme winter sports, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of a heli-skiing adventure. There is nothing like helicopter trips, free-fall, and sliding on the slopes of a mountain snow.

The concept of heli-skiing takes extreme sports to a different level. What separates this sport from popular backcountry skiing is that a skier is flown by helicopter to the site. The aircraft won’t land and lets the snowboarder get out, but he has to jump from a safe height off his ride. 

The Origins of the Heli-boarding Sport

Heli-skiing first appeared in Canada during the years when several Asian and European summits got conquered. Adventure seekers and mountaineers found the Canadian Rockies the right spot for skiing down the snowy slopes. 

It was until an Austrian immigrant and mountain guide, Hans Gmoser, who first used helicopters to transport skiers to the high mountain slopes. Thus, the heli skiing became a Canadian tourist industry on its own. 

Slowly, the sport became a popular extreme sport with a strong following in countries like Italy, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, and Alaska. The snowy Alaskan mountain still pitches as one of the best heli-skiing spots around the world. 

With a year-round and abundant supply of snow, anyone wanting to try the extreme sport can find the perfect spots to enjoy the activity.

The Difference Between Heli-boarding and Heli-skiing

Though both sports involve the use of a helicopter, the difference between the two is distinct. That is because of the use of equipment and sporting gear. Heli-boarding uses the typical piece of snowboarding while heli skiing uses gears and equipment particular for skiing. 

Both sports though provide the same level of excitement. And the level of expertise comes into consideration when choosing the right recreation. Heli-skiing or heliboarding tours are not as extreme as one may think.

Unlike your idea from movie scenes, these guided tours are regular gradient pastimes. These guided heli-skiing tours are similar to red slopes, where boarders can improve their skiing skills. This type of sport also does not require you to be an expert or professional at skiing. 

Guided tours also include several coaching programs intended for the novice who would like to get a first-hand experience of the sport. 

The Best Spot in the Alaskan Region to Experience Heli-Skiing

Alaska is a wondrous place for winter sports. Aside from the glorious snowy mountains, anyone can enjoy their favorite winter sports. Pastimes from skiing to the more extreme heliboarding or heli-skiing are possible with the many snowy peaks. 

One of the best places to experience the sport is Anchorage, Alaska, where the valleys and sceneries are breathtaking. The Talkeetna Mountains, in particular, host the perfect spot for doing the sport because of the mountain’s altitude.

The beautiful mountains of the Matanuska Valley are also something to behold. It features a sea of white all year long, and the glorious mountains are lovely for a fun and sporty holiday.


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