The Best Restaurants in Baltimore


Baltimore is known for the restaurants that not only have food that permeates through the salty air of the Inner Harbor, but also for the restaurants that fill the bellies of people visiting the outskirts of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore proper. Like seafood? The Inner Harbor has many options for what Baltimore is known for: crabs and crab cakes. However, the outskirts of Baltimore offer their fair share of awesome seafood places. Sadly, Crabby Dick’s closed in 2007 (they’re still in Lewes, Delaware, however!), but there are many great restaurants around Baltimore and Fells Point. Love Southern food, or barbeque? Baltimore has it. Middle Eastern? Baltimore has that too. Italian or French? You bet, Baltimore has it. You can find just about anything in Baltimore as they offer food for every palette.

2McCormick & Schmick’s

McCormick & Schmick’s is a family favorite—we spend almost every occasion at this restaurant when we visit Baltimore. I have had plenty of birthday dinners at McCormick & Schmick’s. I remember having my sixteenth birthday here in the mid-2000s and just falling in love with their crawdads (or crayfish) with the Cajun seasoning and a strong hint of salt from the bayou they were captured from. Or the lump crab cake that had the right amount of Old Bay seasoning and not over done in bread crumb batter so the crab meat can still melt in your mouth. I’ve never had a bad experience in McCormick and Schmick’s—the wait staff cares about their customers, but aren’t annoying about it as they check on you from time to time. The food is just amazing. However, McCormick & Schmick’s is one of the pricier options of restaurants in the Baltimore Harbor.

Although McCormick & Schmick’s is pricy, diners still get a lot of food for the price and the atmosphere is very nice. While it is a fancier atmosphere and quieter than Miss Shirley’s Café, the staff is still very warm, welcoming, and friendly. The atmosphere is still warm, especially during celebrations. In the spring and summer you can sit outside to eat; the seating area offers a perfect view of the Chesapeake Bay! I loved spending summer nights sitting on the patio watching the sun set over the old Domino sugar factory, the city scape of Baltimore, and reflecting off of the Chesapeake Bay. It was breathtaking and a great way to enjoy my crab dinner.



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