Best Restaurants in Philadelphia


Ranked as one of the popular destinations in the United States, Philadelphia has many entertainment and dining options. Although Philadelphia is not New York City, there are still many great dining options to be found in the City of Brotherly Love. The area has a myriad of options for all cultural backgrounds. If you find yourself visiting Philadelphia or you are a native looking for new dining options, here are the five best restaurants in the area.

4City Tavern

Also known as Old City Tavern. City Tavern is an authentic tavern located in historic Old City (specifically on South Market Street) and serves the traditional Colonial American fare. The hosts and waiters dress in the traditional Colonial wear as well to make guests feel like they’ve stepped inside Eighteenth Century America. Their drinks are reminiscent of Colonial America and their shrub drinks (Seven-Up or Sprite based) are interesting, though in a good way.

I visited on a cold November day when I was craving rabbit. City Tavern is the only restaurant in Philadelphia that serves rabbit (besides Casablanca in Warrington). I found this restaurant via a Google search on places that serve rabbit in Philadelphia. I am glad I decided to try it because it is such a fun experience. When I was seated, I was brought five different types of bread. Each piece was from a recipe from Thomas Jefferson, it was historically accurate breads. They had the traditional white bread, a wheat bread, and a few sweet breads (I loved the sweet breads). The table was also adorned with pewter dishes and cups. City Tavern serves not only rabbit, but turkey pot pies, potato leek soups, chicken, beef, and a whole assortment of wild game. The braised rabbit was the best!

City Tavern is a very comfortable tavern. The whole experience took an hour and a half, but it was enjoyable. I sat near a fire place and near some windows. It was a very quiet experience, at least for two o’clock in the afternoon. I felt at peace when I ate and I loved being transported back to Colonial America. However, City Tavern is expensive and should be saved for more special occasions. I spent $35 on lunch just for myself. However, I think the experience is worth it and with the food portions I could see why it was that expensive. It’s also located in a beautiful part (and expensive part) of Philadelphia.



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