There is no need to compromise. If you want a good smartwatch, it’s better to get it when you can. Otherwise, it will always be a case of missed opportunities—but do you have to pay the high prices they come with? Most certainly not. You can still buy your favorite smartwatch at the cheapest prices from Industry experts like Phonebot. It is the option if you want the best devices out there and you don’t to worry— only you will know it is a refurbished. They work just like a brand new device, looks the same and but the only difference is that you get value for money with your purchase. There are plenty of options for refurbished smartwatches—whether you fancy an Apple Watch, Samsung smartwatch, or any Android compatible smartwatch, we’ve got you covered.

If you are still not convinced about getting a refurbished smartwatch, let’s explore some options that we’re sure will change your mind about them.


The Apple Watch Series 6 is the star of the moment.  For sheer speed, performance, and features, it is second to none. iPhone users shall be happy with the developments on the Apple Watch Series 6 that refines everything that made the Apple Watch Series 5 iconic and more.  It comes with an even brighter display, an always-on display, and the tones of customization in watch faces and color options for the watch itself. The Apple Watch Series 6 also comes with sleep tracking on the latest WatchOS 7 and other features like a handwash timer which are more relevant right now. Where it fails for not having a long battery life, it makes up by having an insanely quick 90-minute charge to full charge—this works well, especially if you have to sleep with the watch. 


If you want one of the latest Apple Watches for cheap, then the Apple Watch SE is the one to go for. A technology lovechild of the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Apple Watch Series 3, this watch has the perfect combination of specs and price to make it a favorite for many.  It has a robust and fast chip, multiple safety features, and LTE support on some. These features make it the ideal Apple watch in the family setup.  If you don’t want an EKG monitor, sp02, or always-on display and instead want a bare-bones powerful Apple Watch, then the Apple Watch SE is the ideal smartwatch to go for.


The Apple Watch Series 5 may not be the latest Apple Watch in the market but considering what it packs under the case and the price you can get it for on the refurbished market, there is no need to look further. It looks awesome, especially with the titanium finish, and it has a slew of fitness features that make it a great pick over the Apple Watch Series 3. It also has a whopping 32GB of onboard storage and the always-on-screen as a bonus.  It may not be the latest Apple watch, but the updates to the latest Apple Watch Series 6 are only improvements on its features which makes this a great smartwatch to buy as a refurb.


The Apple Watch Series 3 signaled the coming of age for Apple watches. It still shows in the fact that it is still relevant today long after its release.  The Apple Watch Series 3 came with a speedy dual-core processor, had options for GPS and 4G, and the price is quite reasonable today in the refurbished space. It has a lot of the important features that apple has finessed with the later generations, which makes it a great all-rounder to have at an affordable price.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is probably the best all-around Android Compatible smartwatch in the market today. Rather than the other fitness focussed watches that compromise on performance, aesthetics, and compatibility, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers a balanced performance all through. It works well as a fitness tracker. Its design reflects the watch’s awesomeness thanks to brilliant design features like a rotating bezel and premium steel, ceramic, or titanium constructions.  The features will be limited if it has to work with an iPhone, but for Android phones, you can track fitness and look good with it on your wrists.

All these devices are great. So, based on your budget, compatible devices, the features you are looking for, either of them will be fantastic for you. But that said, if you were to buy them new, you would have to fork out the premium price they command. If you are looking for a cheaper option that will still allow you to enjoy the performance and features of Apple watches and the design of Samsung watches, consider buying them refurbished. You will still get the smart watch you want and enjoy the premium features, all without worrying about contracts or breaking the bank.


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