Not wearing the right shoe size and shoe type can be very problematic. It can give you back pain, leg pain, and neck pain. Choosing the shoe which fits your foot is very important, especially if you have flat feet. Having flat feet can bring a lot of discomforts. Choosing and pick the best shoes for flat feet is very important. You have to keep few points in mind before you go shoe shopping.

Types of Flat Feet:

Now there are two types of flat feet, one type is natural flat feet, and the other one is ‘collapsed arches.’ In this condition, feet get flat because of the weak muscles. The weak muscles of feet collapse and the feet lose its arch and end up being a flat foot. The studies suggest that you should get a regular shoe for the collapsed arch condition because once feet muscle strengthen up, feet will regain its arch.

How to pick the right shoe for flat feet?

Over 20-30% population has flat feet. There are many reasons to have flat feet; the basis could be genetic, aging, or obesity. We can give you few tips for picking the best shoes for flat feet, go-to shoe shopping in the day, or later because feet tend to swell during the day. Choose shoes that do not have an arch, Choose the shoe which tends to mold according to your foot, so once you start wearing it, it will become your perfect fit. Flat-footed athletes should get shoes that have straight ‘last.’

The best shoe for flat feet:

We will list down comfortable and the best shoes for flat feet for you. The first ones are Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe; They are go-to shoes for flat-footed people; it is a non-slip shoe with a leather slip-on. The design with leather makes it very durable, and the layers of the shoe allow perfect airflow. It is ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor activities because of its rubber sole, and it also keeps your feet dry and odor-free.

The next on our list is ASICS Gel-Kayano 24; it comes with a cushioned rubber sole, it has a perfect heel to toe support for your running. The fit of this shoe is excellent, that this shoe is very lightweight. It has mesh design on the upper side, which is very good for airflow; it also helps to keep your feet dry. The rubber sole provides the grip to the ground.

The next ones on best shoes for flat feet list are the Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Sneakers. These are best for flat-footed women because they are incredibly comfortable; they have memory foam footbed and round heel design, which provides ultimate support to the foot. They are lace-ups and have soft jersey knitted lining. They are incredibly lightweight and stretchy.

Clarks originals Men’s desert boot, Brooks beast for Men and shoes from DANSKO, and Keen are also on our list of best shoes for flat feet.

If you are flat-footed and having trouble to find the perfect shoe, you can choose any shoe from our list; it will save your time, and you will find a modern yet comfortable style shoe.

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